Home (Violent J) Santa Claus suck my balls Drunk as hell ringin bells at the malls Dancer, Prancer, Nixon and Cupid. I'mma get stupid HA HA HA ugh.. I sit around all night under the chimney Holdin' my sack like gimme gimme I know that he's... Insane Clown Posse - Santa's A Fat Bitch Home
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New Albums
Don't Look Behind You
The R.O.C. - Don't Look Behind You
Zoo Magazine CD Sampler 05
Zoo Magazine CD Sampler 05
Speedfreak Jive
Nerve - Speedfreak Jive
Nerve - Nerve
Star Profile
Garbage - Star Profile
Lust For Sacrilege
Calabrese - Lust For Sacrilege
Big Dark Love
Murder By Death - Big Dark Love
Interview Thing Lisbon!
Beastie Boys - Interview Thing Lisbon!
III (Temples Of Boom)
Cypress Hill - III (Temples Of Boom)
Garbage - Vow
Sunn O))) - Altar
Sunn O))) - Soused
Sunn O))) - Terrestrials
Monoliths & Dimensions
Sunn O))) - Monoliths & Dimensions
The Darkness
Twiztid - The Darkness
Boston-Buffalo Express
Boston-Buffalo Express
Everybody's Hero
Reach The Sky - Everybody's Hero
Throne Of Reign
Pathology - Throne Of Reign
Wars Like Whispers
On The Last Day - Wars Like Whispers
Innocence Broken / Nodes Of Ranvier
Innocence Broken / Nodes Of Ranvier
Mighty Might Bosstones / Madcap
Mighty Might Bosstones / Madcap
The Movies Made Me Do It
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Uriah Heep - One More Night: Collector's Rarities ROH: Salvation Tom Petty - Dogs On The Run: A Musical Documentary Guardians Of The Galaxy ROH: Final Battle 2010 Yes: Live, Hemel Hempstead Pavillion, UK, October 3rd, 1971 1 Last Chance At Paradise Fear In The Night Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Battle of the Bands
Devil Doll has won the last 42 battles. Devil Doll
67% (2 votes)
  Mr. Dalvin
33% (1 vote)
New CD Reviews
Hopeless Shelter Years Since The Storm
Hopeless Shelter
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The Righteous & The Butterfly Mushroomhead
The Righteous & The Butterfly
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Black And White Static-X
Black And White
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Deceiver Of The Gods Amon Amarth
Deceiver Of The Gods
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Coke And Sodomy Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids
Coke And Sodomy
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Latest Song Comment
:wumpscut: - Black Death (French Concept)
Whoa, love the heavy frantic parts.
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New and Upcoming Releases
Sadist Hitz Necro
Sadist Hitz
December 16, 2014
The Darkness Twiztid
The Darkness
January 2015
Lust For Sacrilege Calabrese
Lust For Sacrilege
January 13, 2015
The Pale Emperor Marilyn Manson
The Pale Emperor
January 16, 2015
The Mindsweep Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep
January 20, 2015
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