Home I'm alive again More alive than I have ever been And now I'm climbing, climbing To the top to win And nothing's gonna stop, stop Me in the end Victorious And everyday that I awake I say a prayer and I give thanks That... Falling In Reverse - Champion Home
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New Albums
Perturbator - Sexualizer
Dangerous Days
Perturbator - Dangerous Days
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Power Glove - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
EP 1
Power Glove - EP 1
Videogame Metal
Powerglove - Videogame Metal
Phantominom VGS
Espectrostatic - Phantominom VGS
Espectrostatic - Skeletactical
Espectrostatic - Espectrostatic
Night Driving Avenger
Perturbator - Night Driving Avenger
Terror 404
Perturbator - Terror 404
I Am The Night
Perturbator - I Am The Night
The Video Craze
Lazerhawk - The Video Craze
Lazerhawk - Redline
Lazerhawk - Visitors
Skull And Shark
Lazerhawk - Skull And Shark
Out Among The Stars
Johnny Cash - Out Among The Stars
Boondox - Abaddon
Altitudes & Attitude
Altitudes & Attitude - Altitudes & Attitude
Who's The Man
Who's The Man
United We Slam
Spark 950 & Timbo King - United We Slam
The Day Before Heaven
Crystal Johnson - The Day Before Heaven
The Movies Made Me Do It
Iron Man 3 Carrie Dracula Horror Of Dracula Dracula Gravity RoboCop Some Of The Best: Twenty-Five Years Of Motion Picture Leadership Alice In Wonderland Alice In Wonderland
Battle of the Bands
Primus has won the last 3 battles. Primus
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  Avril Lavigne
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From Beer To Eternity
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Latest Song Comment
Falling In Reverse - Champion
Fuckin' sick. The rapping is on point and on beat. Dude is fuckin talented!
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New and Upcoming Releases
Rented World The Menzingers
Rented World
April 22, 2014
Diploid Love Brody Dalle
Diploid Love
April 28, 2014
Rise Of The Lion Miss May I
Rise Of The Lion
April 29, 2014
We Are All Sinners Upon This Dawning
We Are All Sinners
April 29, 2014
Our Endless War Whitechapel
Our Endless War
April 29, 2014
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