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This Is Solid State: Volume 3

This Is Solid State:  Volume 3
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Album Label: Solid State Records
Album Type: Compilation
Released: February 26, 2002
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01. Project 86 - The Spy Hunter (Demo)
02. Demon Hunter - Through The Black
03. Zao - The Icarus Complex
04. Still Breathing - Sweet Wound Sour
05. Underoath - Letting Go Of Tonight
06. Eso-Charis - The Narrowing List
07. Living Sacrifice - Bloodwork
08. Stretch Arm Strong - For The Record
09. Extol - Of Light And Shade
10. Soul Embraced - Still As You
11. Embodyment - Belly Up
12. Narcissus - November '94
13. Luti-Kriss - Light Blue Collar
14. Blindside - Act
15. Few Left Standing - Burn Me To The Ground
16. Society's Finest - Knife Fight
17. Soapbox - Gone
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