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Collabos: Dominion

Collabos: Dominion
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Album Label: Strange Music
Album Type: LP
Released: April 07, 2017
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01. Intro (Skit)
01. Salute (featuring Murs & ˇMAYDAY!)
02. Drama (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
03. Casket Music (featuring Ces Cru & Wrekonize)
04. Put Em On (featuring Darrein Safron & Stevie Stone)
05. Wheels Like Hill (featuring Tech N9ne)
06. Nevermind Me (featuring Stevie Stone,Krizz Kaliko & Mackenzie Nicole)
07. Deevil Cookies (Skit)
08. Some Good (featuring J.L.)
09. Reloaded (featuring Darrein Safron & Godemis)
10. Bacon (featuring Godemis, Brotha Lynch Hung & Murs)
11. Shoe Game (featuring Krizz Kaliko & Mackenzie Nicole)
12. The Answer (featuring Ces Cru & Krizz Kaliko)
14. Fish In A Pita (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
15. Mo’ Ammo (featuring Murs & Rittz)
16. Stone Interviews (Skit)
17. Lowdown (featuring Darrein Safron & Ubiquitous)
18. Morning Till The Nightfall (featuring Rittz, Krizz Kaliko & Wreckonize)
19. Take You Down (featuring Mackenzie Nicole, Ryan Bradley & Stevie Stone)
20. Interview 2 (Skit)
21. Jesus And A Pill (featuring Prozak & Krizz Kaliko)
22. Angels In The Playground (featuring Stevie Stone & Krizz Kaliko)
23. Interview 3 (Skit)
24. Cold Piece Of Work (Preview) (featuring J.L. & Krizz Kaliko)
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