Home she is benediction she is addicted to thee she is the root connection she is connecting with he here I go and I don't know why I fell so ceaselessly could it be he's taking over me... I'm dancing barefoot heading for a spin... Patti Smith - Dancing Barefoot Home
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Album Label: Long Range Distribution
Album Type: LP
Released: 2004
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01. Intro
02. Official
03. I'm A Menace (Mike E. Clark Remix)
04. It's Nothin' (featuring Mastamind)
05. Rap Game
06. Ride
07. Don't Be (featuring Esham)
08. Chester (Skit)
09. Mil Ticket
10. Luv Hate
11. Hot Street
12. Back Again
13. Been There
14. Nutty (Skit)
15. I'm A Menace
16. Diss Me
17. You Like Me
18. Leader
19. I'm A Menace (Mike E. Clark Radio)
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