Home she is benediction she is addicted to thee she is the root connection she is connecting with he here I go and I don't know why I fell so ceaselessly could it be he's taking over me... I'm dancing barefoot heading for a spin... Patti Smith - Dancing Barefoot Home
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Pink Season

Pink Season
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Album Label: Self-Released
Album Type: LP
Released: January 04, 2017
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01. Hot Nickel Ball On A Pussy
02. Are You Serious
03. White Is Right
04. I Have A Gun
05. Nickelodeon Girls
06. STFU
07. Gays 4 Donald
08. I Do It For My Hood
09. Please Stop Calling Me Gay (1)
10. She's So Nice
11. Please Stop Touching My Willy
12. Uber Pussy
13. セックス大好き
14. Dumplings
15. Meme Machine
16. Hand On My Gat
17. D I C C W E T T 1
18. Flex Like David Icke
19. High School Blink193
20. Rice Balls
21. Dora The Explora
22. SMD
23. Dog Festival Directions
24. We Fall Again
25. Club Banger 3000
26. Help
27. Hentai
28. Small Dick
29. Pink Life
30. Another Earth
31. I Will Get A Vasectomy
32. Furr
33. Fried Noodles
34. Goofy's Trial
35. Be Inspired
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