Home I wanna rock! (Rock) I wanna rock! (Rock) I want to rock! (Rock) I wanna rock! (Rock) Turn it down you say, Well all I got to say to you is time and time again I say, "No!" No! No, No, No, No, No! Tell me not to play Well, all... Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock Home
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The Ultimate Demo Collection

The Ultimate Demo Collection
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Album Type: Bootleg
Released: 2001
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01. Gods Hand
02. (Like) Linus (Demo A)
03. Some People (Demo A)
04. Venison (Demo A)
05. Christmas
06. Plastic
07. Answers
08. Hump
09. Gift
10. Engine No. 9
11. Nosebleed
12. Milk
13. Hogburg Hop
14. Sweetest Perfection (2)
15. The Night Boat
16. (Like) Linus (Demo B)
17. Freaks
18. Root
19. 7 Words
20. Engine No. 9 (Demo B)
21. Teething (Demo / Rough Mix)
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