Home I wanna rock! (Rock) I wanna rock! (Rock) I want to rock! (Rock) I wanna rock! (Rock) Turn it down you say, Well all I got to say to you is time and time again I say, "No!" No! No, No, No, No, No! Tell me not to play Well, all... Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock Home
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Gene Simmons

Albums: (5) Songs: (41) Images: (1) Videos: (1) Connections: (4) Song Covers: (1)
Artist Styles: Hard Rock - Heavy Metal
Most Popular Songs
dot Sweet & Dirty Love
dot Asshole
dot You're My Reason For Living
dot Burning Up With Fever
dot Black Tongue
dot Everybody Knows
dot Carnival Of Souls
dot Mr. Make Believe
dot Living In Sin
dot Radio Active
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Avatar #1: President Gooch - Posted: 06/18/2012, 05:43 PM
most over rated bassist ever. hes not even that good. i can think of tons of bassists with more skill than he has.
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Gene Simmons
Artist ID: 3111
Song Comments: 9
Ranked: #3,493
Artist Locale:
IL Israel
Total Page Views: 4,246
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