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Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Albums: (27) Songs: (167) Images: (6) Videos: (10) Connections: (29) Song Facts: (7) Song Covers: (2) Fans: (167)
Artist Styles: Hardcore Rap - Horrorcore
Most Popular Songs
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Avatar #1: Stypex - Posted: 01/11/2007, 03:35 PM
another great artist being held back by Violent J, it was so nice of J to rerelease his old cd, throw soem extra tracks on it, but he fucking chopped ABK's lyrics on "Mamma I Aint Changed" and that threw the whole song off, especially the chorus.
Avatar #2: Jadenfukhati - Posted: 07/11/2007, 08:32 AM
Wicket Shit!!! One Nasty Dead Brotha
Avatar #3: watchwhereuwalk - Posted: 03/09/2008, 10:18 PM
loll, blaze is lame

Madrox wrote all his lyrics for nearly every song off his first two albums
Avatar #4: dylanderson - Posted: 03/12/2008, 11:59 AM
Worst gimmick ever.
Fuck this douche.
Avatar #5: Spool - Posted: 05/27/2008, 07:46 AM
Dylan, why do you have to comment on so many Psychopathic artist pages? This music obviously isn't for you, so why do you feel the need to complain when you continue to listen to every single artist on the label and say that you don't like it? Are you that stupid? Do you really believe that you'll listen to Blaze Ya Dead Homie and find that he'll be able to live down to the standards of your favorite rappers, like 50 Cent and Soulja Boy?
Avatar #6: HatchetKill - Posted: 08/31/2008, 03:16 AM
Well I Myself Enjoy Blaze...
watchwhereyouwalk is right though,
most of the songz I like from Blaze are writen by Madrox
Avatar #7: Les Cohen - Posted: 09/19/2008, 08:37 PM
Blaze is hard core wicked shit that will fuckin' rip your guts from the inside out beeotch.
Avatar #8: Sleazy D - Posted: 12/17/2009, 07:35 PM
probably the only artist from psychopathic that i can say I ABSOLUTLY CANT STAND!! He reall y sux. they should drop him from the label. he has 3 good songs and thats it!!!
Avatar #9: Sleazy D - Posted: 06/23/2010, 03:54 PM
i take bak the last comment. I was thinkin of AMB.
Avatar #10: RedMistIsFalling - Posted: 07/07/2010, 10:27 PM
Gang Ragz is the shit. Blaze just keeps getting better with time.
Avatar #11: Sleazy D - Posted: 01/11/2011, 01:48 PM
new album Gang Ragz deserves MASSIVE props!
Avatar #12: Rest Easy Soul - Posted: 12/01/2016, 12:53 PM
It must've been Mike Puwal's production because anything after his debut album has really sucked.
Avatar #13: Rest Easy Soul - Posted: 12/01/2016, 12:53 PM
To be fair though his voice and skill on his debut album was amazing, everything after that sucks.
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Blaze Ya Dead Homie
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US USA - Michigan
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US USA - Florida
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