Home If you, if you could return Don't let it burn,don't let it fade I'm sure I'm not being rude But it's just your attitude It's tearing me apart It's ruining everything I swore, I swore I would be true And honey so did you So why were you holding her... The Cranberries - Linger Home
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Ghost B.C.

Albums: (10) Songs: (61) Images: (6) Videos: (1) Song Facts: (1) Song Covers: (7) Fans: (6)
Artist Styles: Heavy Metal - Doom Metal - Stoner Metal
Most Popular Songs
dot Year Zero
dot Ghuleh / Zombie Queen
dot Waiting For The Night
dot Con Clavi Con Dio
dot Secular Haze
dot Ritual
dot If You Have Ghosts
dot I'm A Marionette
dot Body And Blood
dot Per Aspera Ad Inferi
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Avatar #1: MMMDI Slave - Posted: 12/16/2012, 05:09 AM
Really looking forward to the new album in 2013. Can't get enough of this band!
Avatar #2: MrMurder - Posted: 12/23/2012, 09:12 PM
^ So agreed. Rock their album all the time.
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Ghost B.C.
Artist ID: 8231
Song Comments: 13
Ranked: #1,108
Artist Locale:
SE Sweden
Most Popular in:
Total Page Views: 12,330
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User Lists
dot Bråvalla Festival 2013
dot Masks & Make-Up
dot Seen Live (I Swear, I Was There)
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