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Live In Texas
Reviewer Rating: 7/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: December 05, 2016
I remember the advertising for this album when it came out back in 2003 and thinking to myself how stupid it was for them to put out a live album with only 2 LPs out and 1 remix album. Well I'll admit when I'm wrong and I finally gave this one a chance after finding it for $3.

The real bonus here is the DVD that has a full 17 song concert which begs the question why they only put 12 songs on the CD. I really wish they would've included "Don't Stay" and "A Place for My Head" because 12 songs is very short. The DVD is high quality and features clear sound with very well done production. I've seen a few of their shows online and I think this one is by far the best I've seen.

Another drawback to the album is that you can tell there's obvious post-production nonsense. There was some doctoring done but that's just a minor nitpick I have with all live albums

Overall I really enjoy it and will have a hard time going back to the studio albums after hearing the live versions. Chester's voice sounds really good live and I like some of the changes he made here and there like including the remix verses with the standard chorus in One Step Closer and the audience participation in songs like Numb and In the End. He also adds some great screams that are more vicious than what he did on the studio albums. Shinoda also sounds a bit winded at times but overall does a great job live.

A few glaring omissions from some of my favorites and some studio tampering but a great set list for both the CD and DVD. Absent from both are "Breaking the Habit" and "Easier to Run" which were both great songs from Meteora. Still with all the drawbacks this is a very good album bordering above average and great. Like I said earlier I will have a hard time listening to the studio versions of these songs since the live versions have a unique energy.
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