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The Serenity Of Suffering
Reviewer Rating: 8/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: December 06, 2016
I have never been this biggest fan of KoRn but recently I've been on a huge kick giving most of the albums I've overlooked a chance. For nearly 2 decades I never listened to anything of their's that wasn't Follow the Leader or Issues and would only know their singles from anything after.

I did check out Untouchables when it was new but even back then I noticed a slight drop off in quality. Usually it's hard for a band to capture the exact sound that made them popular originally. Be it a product of the times (AKA the nu metal takeover in the late 90s) or a flash in the pan with the right marketing and going all in for a particular album. KoRn wasn't guilty of the latter but they sure as hell were guilty of trying to fit in with the trends by releasing a dubstep album.

Serenity of Suffering was touted as a return to what made them popular back in the day. Whereas they claimed Paradigm Shift was a return to the Issues sound, this was supposed to be a return to the Life is Peachy sound. Honestly I don't see it but it is a good, high quality album

Out are the visceral rifts for a more safe, but at the same time slightly heavy tone. There is a presence of some funk with the vocal scats and turn table scratches with, even with some decent vocal mixing thrown in to give the scats or singing a nice funk vibe. I dig it. It's no Twist or Freak on a Leash type scatting but it's still JD scatting nonetheless.

I will start with the 3 singles I heard play on the radio before actually picking up this album: Insane, Rotting in Vain, and A Different World

Insane is your typical lead single from the band that opens up with a great scream and features some of the vocal mixing I mentioned earlier. Pretty nice and heavy at the end. One of my favorites from the album

Rotting in Vain leaves a little to be desired lyrically but as far as the music goes it does have an old school vibe to it. It's a little lost in the mix with JD's vocals up pretty loud but I really enjoy it. Ends with some great JD scatting

A Different World features Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour fame. Honestly Taylor is a star in this song. His vocals mix so well with Munky, Head and Fieldy behind him. One of my favorites and is better than any singles I've heard from anything after Issues. I will also add that this song made me want to go check out Slipknot again. More on that to come

The other tracks range from good to great. Nothing on this album really falls below average which is a great thing. Black is the Soul has a great chorus and is overall very well done. I don't mind The Hating. It has a really good chorus but the verses are just okay but it does have a good bridge.

Take Me is one of the songs that fall under the "okay, maybe kinda good" category. Lyrics and vocals are just okay with the music just getting lost in the mix. Everything Falls Apart is another highlight. Die Yet Another Night is one of my favorites from the album. I love the background vocal layer and the chorus is really good. Musically it's also a stand out

When You're Not There does a good job of mixing vocal effects with the music. It's a dark take on a love story that reminds me of My Gift to You from FTL. Next in Line has a funk vibe with some record scratching and is a standout musically. I really like it. Please Come for Me is another one of the weaker tracks but it also leads into one of the biggest gripes I have with the album which is that is too short. After 11 tracks it leaves a lot to be desired and feels that it just ends so abruptly.

It's not Life is Peachy or FTL by any means, but it at least is better than anything they've put out after Issues. This is the direction they should've gone in, even after Head left. I understand every band wants to try something new, Which KoRn has always excelled at, but there's also going outside of your comfort zone (Path of Totality) and just not finding your groove yet (Paradigm Shift). This album is a nice return to form and is one of their better albums.

Check out:
Rotting in Vain
A Different World
Die Yet Another Night

You'll know from there if this album is worth checking out.
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