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The Path Of Totality
Reviewer Rating: 7/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: December 13, 2016
Jon Davis has gone on record claiming that they are not a nu-metal band and he's always seen them as more of a funk fusion with hip-hop and metal. He's also claimed that he is the furthest thing from a metal head and enjoys reggae, techno, funk and hip-hop more than metal.

This album, in my opinion, was a much needed shot in the arm for the career's of both JD and the rest of the members in the band. I will say that Fieldy's bass is practically mixed out, and Ray's drumming is very hard to find amidst the electronic drum samples. Korn III was an excellent return to form musically and this following that felt more like a JD project

With that said that's exactly how I view this. JD is an artist with a vision and obviously this was a project that was very near and dear to him. He's stated in interviews that this was his passion and he put a lot into making this. It was a project he wanted to make for several years. Dub step was a fad a few years ago but as far as marketing goes it was a very good call to strike while the iron was hot.

It's not a good Korn album by any means but it is a great JD album. It's still his voice and it's still a somewhat unique sound. I actually really enjoy this album when you go into not expecting it to be a Korn album.

Songs like Chaos, Get Up and Way too Far do a pretty good job of having a somewhat familiar Korn sound but having the electronic and dub step behind it sets it apart from anything previously released. Bleeding Out actually sounds like their attempt at being Linkin Park and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Narcissistic Cannibal is another high point

This alternate version contains 2 bonus songs called Fuels the Comedy and Tension which are pretty good tracks. They could've easily made the main list over tracks like My Wall and Illuminati which I consider very weak tracks.

I dig it. It's a vision by an artist that not everyone will get. It's not the best album by any means but it gets a pass from me for being original.
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Avatar #1: Sleazy D - Posted: 04/20/2017, 04:47 AM
This album grew on me after a while. Hated it at first.
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