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Cleanin' Out My Closet
Reviewer Rating: 10/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: June 14, 2017
Cleaning Out My Closet was Eminem's 2nd single from The Eminem Show and it was an amazing follow up to not only Without Me, but Stan once you recognize his ability to write a personal song and tell the listener an engaging story all at the same time. It talks about him growing up with a terrible mom that he blames for his addiction to pills and how badly she mistreated him and how she always made him think he was sick or in the wrong. This was one of the first times we really got a look inside his head and saw what it was really like for him growing up and it was a more serious track.

The song writing and lyrical content on this track is amazing and relatable for anyone that had a rough childhood or bad parents growing up. lines like "I'd like to welcome y'all to the eminem show" or "You keep tellin' yourself that you was a mom" are haunting and chilling but at the same time echo what a lot of us are feeling as adults.

The instrumental track is phenomenal and really well done.

The real beauty here is Stimulate which is a non-album track featured only on this single and on a bonus disc for 8 Mile. It's one of his best songs of all time and it's a real shame no one has ever heard it. To think this was cut from the Eminem Show, but then again that just goes to show you how good that album actually was. Stimulate has a very creative way of taking the listener on a laid back journey of letting the music flow through you and the instrumentals are perfect for that. Really great hidden gem and one of my personal favorites. PErfect for night time driving or falling asleep.

Everything on this single is perfect.
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