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Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water
Reviewer Rating: 6/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: June 26, 2017
Back in the mid to late 90s there was this wave of new age music with attitude that combined many elements of other genres, put it into a blender, mixed it up until it was a bloody mess and poured it out into a cup consumed by an attitude filled audience of angry middle class suburban kids in junior high, and tribal tatted muscle heads with big trucks and backwards ball caps. This style of music was called Nu Metal.

This genre was pioneered by Korn and cemented by Limp Bizkit who were basically the faces of the genre. Limp Bizkit had a metal sound combined with rap vocals, some jazzy percussion here and there mixed with a DJ on a record table. For the time it was not bad at all. Everyone ate it up like Vicodin and tuned in every day to MTV to see these acts and like I said LB were the poster children.

Wes Borland is one of the best guitarists and Otto is one of the best drummers for the time. The unfortunate thing is they were helmed by front man with a massive ego and terrible song writing ability. Fred Durst has this charm about him that makes you want to tune in and see what the fuss is all about. Some people like it and others are turned away from it. I actually like it but there's some part of me that wished the band pulled an Alter Bridge and left Durst just like Tremonti left Stapp.

This album is considered by fans to be one of the best and is also one of the most polarizing albums of all time. People either love it or hate it, and that includes the few LB fans there are left.

The singles were catchy as hell, the deep tracks were sometimes better, and everything else felt so average.

Durst can be a good writer at times, but his band is really what gives him the edge. Every track on this album is filled with amazing instrumentals and I'm sad to say this was actually the last album for a decade that would feature the original line up (Otto did do 1 track on Unquestionable Truth but for the most part he was absent.)

So why am I reviewing this album in 2017? Well I'm feeling nostalgic and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a sucker for everything LB back in the year 2000.

Hot Dog has always felt like such a rip off of Fuck The World by ICP, but not only that he steals lyrics from Reznor! I enjoy it but give me ICP.

My Generation is one of those songs with amazing instrumentals but Durst vocals that he sings about being a bad ass with attitude. I don't see how it became a single but it's so below average.

Full Nelson feels like a continuation but it's slightly better. Once again though I'd say it below average.

My Way is a song I'll never hate. I loved it back in 01 and I love it now. It will forever be the Wrestlemania X-Seven song and is easily a 10/10 track for everything it does. Good lyrics, mixing and even instrumentals.

Rollin' was the first single from the album and it caught on like a California wild fire. Not only did Undertaker use this as his entrance but everyone fucking loved it. Even me and I still do. I guess I'll talk about the rap remix here and mention that it's 100x better. Wu Tang and DMX are some of my all time favorites and them on the Rollin track with a new beat is another 10/10 effort.

Livin' it Up is enjoyable and worth a listen. Not a stand out but I at least don't skip it.

The One is one of the deep tracks I mentioned earlier that stands out and is better than the rest. Not the best song on the album but top 3. Despite the whiny lyrics it's quite enjoyable and still one I listen to this day.

Getcha Groove on is pretty good, but there are better rap tracks by Durst out there. It's very forgettable but I won't skip it.

Take a Look Around was featured in the Mission Impossible movie and it did a hell of a job turning it's signature tune into a guitar riff. Wes Borland is fucking incredible and this song is amazing. Along with The One, My Way and the remixed Rollin' I'd say this is a brilliant track.

It'll Be Okay is another forgettable track that I skip. Whiny lyrics that are worse than usual.

Boiler is considered by many to be one of their all time best, even from non-LB fans. I personally don't see the hype and can get quite bored by it but at the same time it doesn't take away from it being a good track. I'd say top 5 on the album depending on my mood.

Hold on is one I've totally forgot about. As I'm writing this I actually had to go back and listen to it. You know what? It's good. This is a hidden gem and deserves to at least be given a chance by haters. It's a slower, more mellow track but it's not bad at all. I'm pleasantly surprised.

So all in all LB is not for everyone, and I'm only listening to it because I'm feeling nostalgic and I have to say I can still enjoy them. I still think Significant Other is a much better album with more variety but at least this has about 6 or 7 tracks worth listening to. A lot of forgettable or passable tracks but they're sprinkled in with good tracks. I'm glad I went back and listened to it and can honestly say maybe LB isn't as bad as everyone says.
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