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Reviewer Rating: 7/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: July 13, 2017
Kid Rock was still riding high off of his success from his tour de force breakout album called Devil Without a Cause which at the time this was released had already gone 7x platinum. He would go on to release a compilation album afterwards featuring updated versions of songs he released independently called History of Rock which had gone 1x platinum. This was the highly anticipated (at the time) follow up LP to Devil Without a Cause and was basically one of the hottest artists at the time.

Backed by Uncle Kracker on turntables and the TBT on instruments, we got what would be his last album to feature majority a majority hip hop sound before going almost completely southern influenced Rock. The only pure rap song you get here is WCSR featuring Snoop which isn't bad, but both have had better tracks.

On this album, while we still have a few rap tracks, we see a much larger penetration of rock, blues and country. Even his rap tracks are filled with a very noticeable rock influence and even features rock samples from famous songs.

Trucker Anthem is a pretty good starter and was basically the sound we were familiar with at the time. We also witnessed the emergence of a somewhat popular Uncle Kracker somewhere around this time, he did a pretty good job on this track.

Forever and Cocky are 2 really amazing tracks that continue the trend we saw on Devil Without a Cause. Both tracks a rap-rock with Cocky basically being similar to the title track on Devil Without a Cause. The only real difference is in that song he hadn't gone platinum yet, in this one he bragged about how successful he was. Both tracks are brash and bold and heavily feature ego strokes but at the same time he can back up what he's claiming, just with no humility.

Picture was a very successful single akin to Only God Knows Why, which was basically what the other half of this album was. Songs like Lonely Road of Faith, Picture, and Midnight Train to Memphis are full of country and southern rock. The sound really isn't that bad, and honestly I enjoy these tracks. Picture was somewhat decent. Lonely Road of Faith had an enjoyable first 2 minutes, but the tempo changes as does the style and it almost ruins it. I will say Baby Come Home is a little boring.

You also have his heavier stuff in songs like I'm a Dog where he sounds a bit too much like Metallica. One of my least favorite on the album.

Overall this is a really good album with like 75% of what we heard before, 25% rock/country penetration. Devil Without a Cause is certainly a stronger album due to it's singles being so good, but I'd go as far as to say that this album has more consistency start to finish, AKA I skip less tracks on this album. This is truly the last album of this sound Kid Rock had, since he'd basically go 50% rap, 50% rock on his next effort, and almost 100% rock after that.
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