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Mm.. Food
Reviewer Rating: 9/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: July 14, 2017
MF Doom is a strange fellow. He is a rapper that hides his face and does a lot of projects but under different identities. He is the self proclaimed Rap Villain but is also a unique character in the scene. He infuses his raps with jazz bar piano and bass with an occasional sax thrown in and I'm a sucker for sax.

This album is often considered his best solo project released under the name MF DOOM and is a concept album about food but I personally think food is a mere relateable subject in a much larger picture. Each track tells a story adding to a much larger story when pieced together. Heavily sampled are clips from the classic Fantastic 4 cartoon where the DOOM character tries to take over the world but eventually gets foiled. The titles reference food, the concept is that of his villain persona.

He's a very smooth, intricate rapper that does an amazing job at telling stories and using symbology to his advantage. All these tracks are very well produced but have that underground sound that isn't as clean as something like Jay-Z or Wayne but is the perfect quality for listening to on an old vinyl player. A lot of tracks feature a scratch or static sound similar to what you hear on vinyl so even if you listen to it via MP3 or CD it's still providing you with a similar experience.

Tracks 6-9 are basically just samplings of audio with a beat behind it with good mixing. Stuff like this is what makes me a fan of this album. It's no rapping but it helps progress the overall concept and is still pretty fun to listen to so you know this guy is more than a lyricist but also an amazing producer.

Tracks like Deep Fried Frenz, Kon Karne, Guinesses are all amazing jazz bar infused tracks with excellent writing and are my personal favorites. I tend not to skip any tracks on this album but these 3 are my favorite.

Beef Rap is ana amzing opener that is basically a sampler of what's to come with samples of F4 and a really good rap performance.

I'd honestly say this is one of my all time favorite rap albums and the guy belongs in the same conversations as Aesop Rock and Tech N9ne as far as amazing underground rappers go. If you've ever heard of him or never heard of him at least check this one out. It's impressive and it's what made me a fan.
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