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Minutes To Midnight
Reviewer Rating: 5/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: July 28, 2017
Linkin Park was known for a specific sound when they debuted and sold mad records from 2000-2003 before going on a hiatus after releasing Meteora and touring. Their sound was that of metal mixed with electronic sampling, hip hop vocals and harmonic choruses. Their music was like an earworm that made you feel like you were actually listening to something harder than it was, but alas it was still numetal with an electronic sound.

One of the things that made them successful was the abundance of Mike Shinoda rapping a couple of verses and even providing an occasional rap like chorus or bridge. This album was damn near void of that, I'm not knocking them for changing their sound but their audience matured since 2003 and at least they were trying something new. I'm not saying they didn't have rap vocals, but they had a lot fewer. Chester also screamed a lot less and instead cemented the sound for what was yet to come which was a slower, more melodic ballady type sound. This turned a lot of fans away, myself included.

Songs like Bleed it Out have a somewhat classic sound vocally, but are far removed from the classic sound lyrically. Chester screams and Shinoda raps but the music is not electronic numetal. Hands Held High sounds like a leftover from a Fort Minor album which featured predominant rap vocals and church like organs with a choir. In Between is actually a really good track and I enjoy it, which is a shame to say that Shinoda did a much better slow song than any of Chester's.

As far as Chester's style and sound goes you have What I've Done and No More Sorrow which can be heard as a slight return to form, albeit a lot less gritty and in your face like "Crawling" and "Somewhere I Belong." These tracks aren't bad, in fact they're 2 of the best but when compared to previous works it'd most likely be weak tracks on previous albums.Given Up was a good track but comes off a bit whiny and angsty, even by their standards.

Leave out all the rest is the first ballad and I just simply find these boring, although I do like Chester's voice. Shadow of the Day isn't a bad ballad, but it's just as boring. Valentines Day is probably the best of the slower paced songs IMO

I gave this album a 5/10 because it's very, very average. It's not memorable and while I applaud them for maturing with the times, it's just not what I wanted to hear from them at the time, or even 10 years later. Some of the songs are very forgettable and boring. In Between is probably the best slow song, What I've Done is probably the best LP sounding song. Hand Held High is also a really good track if you don't mind Fort Minor. Check these out, skip the rest.
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