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One More Light
Reviewer Rating: 8/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: July 31, 2017
The year 2017 was a rather tumultuous for the band Linkin Park. For several months leading up to this album's release we saw many reports of Chester telling fans to "fuck off" and "Forget about Hybrid theory" amidst other out lashes riddled with profanity directed at the fans.

A lot of people were very critical of the band and the album after hearing the first single "Heavy" hit the airwaves citing their sound had taken a turn for the poppy romantic comedy route, which was the furthest they have ever been from their original sound.

I listened to this album after Chester took his life having never heard anything from the album, I have to say that going into it with the mindset that he was struggling and after a long battle he finally embraced death. That's the tone of this album. A man who had given up the fight with demons and drugs and accepted that his life was ending. That makes this album rather haunting and beautiful.

I compare it to the Beatles. Not the same quality or standards but having a positive, more upbeat tone but with bleak lyrics coming from a dark place really makes you consider the writing process of this album. That makes me love and respect it and honestly I have not stopped listening to it since I bought it.

Nobody can Save me starts off with the line about him dancing with his demons, which leads me to beleive this was placed at the #1 slot for a reason. It's a very different sound but reminded me of the slower paced songs from Minutes to Midnight. I love it, especially the high pitched vocalization in the background.

Good Goodbye is reminiscent of their rap roots with Pusha T and Shinoda on vocals, Chester taking care of the Chorus and bridge. It's actually a well written song and one of the best from the album. A stand out for sure and once again that high pitched vocalization comes into play here. This track along with the opener have that ear worm effect of getting stuck inside your head so that's where the "poppy" criticisms come into play.

Talking to Myself is a bit of a dip with lyrcis you'd expect from LP and once again fits the slow ballad with angst lyrics you heard on Minutes to Midnight.

Battle Symphony is a more positive tune that paints a picutre of war wounds with a similar sound from that of Hunting Party. It's a slow rock ballad but a familiar style we expect from the band. Lyrics are simple but the song is good. Not as good as the first 2 tracks but it's a stand out.

Invisible is very low key and slightly boring. I skip this track.

Heavy was the first single and many people did not even realize it was LP. Kiiara does the female vocals and they have an amazing dynamic. Imagine if Gotye's "Somebody that I Used to Know" was slowed down and slightly altered to be sadder and you basically have Heavy. I like it but I feel it should've been higher up on the track listing. Great follow up to Battle Symphony.

Sorry for Now is sang by Shinoda, but it's singing not rapping. I don't listen to LP to hear Shinoda sing. It's not a bad song and that high pitched vocal effect comes back and I get hooked. I do enjoy it, and I love when Shinoda and Chester harmonize. I can see this being a single.

Halfway Right isn't good. Skip.

One More Light is actually a very heartbreaking song for me. He uses allegory that essentially translates to someone dying. This was also his last track ever recorded. This song is basically his suicide letter and the tone he sings it with is just so mellow and sad. He embraced death at this point, and when he says he cares that someone's light goes out, he really meant he was okay with dying. Truly a sad song and one every LP fan needs to hear. MY only gripe is that it should've ended the album.

Sharp Edges isn't bad but it doesn't sound like LP at all. This is the furthest removal from anything we've ever heard from them before. It's goes a blues thing going on. This is by far the most "poppy" song on the album but that's not a bad thing.

Poppy isn't a fair criticism IMO because it comes from people who don't want to accept a change in sound, and this album actually sounds rather mature for what it's worth. A lot of unwarranted hate surrounding the sound but it's filled with excellent tracks and catchy tunes. I think it's better than Minutes to Midnight, 1000 Suns, and Hunting Party. I'd rank it with Living Things and depending on which sound you want you have a good choice. Slow and catchy? Go One More Light. Familiar and old sound? Go Living Things.

This was an album written by a hurting artist that felt the touch of death's hand on his shoulder. It was like a burden was lifted off his spirit and it really shows in this album. I would give it a 7.5/10 but I can't do that on this site. It's better than a 7 for sure.
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