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D12 World
Reviewer Rating: 8/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: August 15, 2017
It's been a long time coming for me to listen to this album. Back in 2004 when all you heard on the radio was "My Band" it put a bad taste in your mouth. This was of course leading up to Eminem's Encore album and eventual hiatus so needless to say he was struggling with a serious drug addiction and feeling the burn out of constantly working. Here I am 13 years after it came out and I'm finally giving it a chance.

D12 World over the years has also seen a lot of backlash from fans saying it wasn't as good as Devil's Night. Well the biggest issue with Devil's Night was Bizarre being featured heavily, which he's not featured nowhere near as much so that's a huge plus in my opinion. Eminem is featured way less but this also gives guys like Swift, Kuniva and Kon Artist to really step up and fill in the gaps. They all do a really good job but my take away is that Swifty is the 2nd best behind Eminem, and Kuniva is the 3rd best.

What about Proof? Well strangely he doesn't have as strong of a presence here either which is damning considering he was the 2nd best on Devil's Night. The real separation comes from the fact that this album features less Eminem which is part of the reason D12 had as big of a following that it did. I personally think he just made it better but I like D12.

The production here is just as good and you have some amazing features in Obie and B-real from Cypress Hill.

Git Up starts strong with one of the best Post-TES Eminem verses and this is where Swift really steps up his game as does Kuniva and they pretty much took the torch and ran with it.

Loyalty was amazing mostly due to Obie but it's one of the best tracks on this album.

Just like U is them throwing Biz a bone. Pass it you hate Biz because this is his song. It pretty bad.

I'll Be Damned is great because it was the first D12 track with everyone EXCEPT Eminem and it really shows off how good they are without him.

Dude and My Band are basically a Pt. 1 and 2 of the hit single from the album. Dude is similar to the opening of the music video from 2004, and My Band was a self aware jab at Eminem being the reason the band is successful, and the other guys being jealous of it. Very tongue in cheek and surprisingly good. My opinion has changed on it over the years.

U R The One is just ok, pass

6 In the Morning is the actual first serious song to feature a verse from Eminem since Git Up, he only did the intro for Loyalty. 6 tracks without a verse from him and you don't miss him goes to show how much better these guys were on their own from Devil's Night. I will say that Eminem's verse and chorus was awesome

How Come is not bad, but I'm surprised to see how popular it is. The Dynamic between Proof and Eminem is golden and really makes me miss seeing Proof as his hype man. RIP Proof. It was also right here I noticed Proof barely had a presence on this album. Not to say he didn't have verses on other songs but you just don't see him as the clear cut #2 that he has been.

Leave Dat Boy Alone is pretty fun, with an odd chorus from Em and overall is a good track. Get my Gun has an odd, but off putting chorus. The verses aren't bad but the chorus is.

Bitch sounds like a club hit with heavy bass and grooves but you gotta be in the right mood for it. D12 World was everyone minus Eminem trading off short verses which was awesome. 40 Oz was D12's attempt at Krunk shit and it should've followed up Bitch, I think. It's not bad but it does mess with the flow since I think World should've gone after 40 oz. Even Biz rapped good in World.

American Psycho 2 is better than the first from Devil's Night. B-Real made this song awesome, and the production was top notch. One of the best from the album.

Bugz was a short track from former D12 member, Bugz, that features some familiar lines featured in future Shady releases. The raw production and flow feels like a Wu Tang song and I love it. Good Die Young was a follow up with the members reflecting on life and death and the death of Bugz. It was real and deep and is a great track.

Keep Talkin' was a bonus track, and a very good track. Everyone does a good job and was a great closer to the album

Overall I think this album is slightly better than Devil's Night due to the fact like I actually like Swifty, Kuniva, Proof and Kon Artist and it was great o hear them rap without relying on Eminem. I recommend it.
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