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One Step Closer
Reviewer Rating: 10/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: August 18, 2017
Back in the Autumn of 2000 I was 12 years old and in 6th grade. I remember coming home from school every day and watching TRL and Toonami on Cartoon Network. Usually focusing on Toonami and watching TRL during commercial breaks and during the shows I didn't care about.

One day at the very beginning of October there was this music video that played with Carson Daly introducing it as "Fresh new music" and ultimately we were in for a treat. One Step Closer was the music video premier and it blew my fucking mind. At the time it was the heaviest thing I had heard and this was when Limp Bizkit was still popular.

I can vividly remember thinking the band name sounded similar to Limp Bizkit but I couldn't remember for the life of me. I just so happened to have been at the mall in my home town in Louisiana scrolling around a Gadzooks when the music video started playing in their and I suddenly remembered the name: Linkin Park!

I ran to the nearest Sam Goody only to see that their debut album was still a few weeks from release but they had this single in stock that featured the song I had grown obsessed with. Sam Goody was seriously the best place when it came to new music and even imported EPs and singles. Luckily they had 1 of these in stock and I purchased it for $5.99 plus state tax at the time was 8%.

Go to my friends house, pop it in his computer only to experience the music video over and over and over again.

That wasn't it though. No we had 2 more tracks to listen to!

My December and High Voltage were 2 non-album tracks (at the time I didn't know they would be non-album) but they are 2 of my absolute favorite LP tracks ever recorded. My December being my all time favorite, High voltage being my favorite Shinoda track. High Voltage was actually featured on their independently released EP but featured some remastering here and there.

My December features a more raw, unrefined vocal performance from Chester with some ambient instrumentals and saw moderate success on various alternative rock stations throughout the decade. It was never a single but did get radio play. Shinoda is actually credited as the writer for this track.

High Voltage was a really good rap tune with some clean singing here and there but it was just a taste of the Fort Minor project Mike would later do.

Easily my favorite single/EP release from the group.
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