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Reviewer Rating: 2/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: August 24, 2017
Okay so here's the thing about Taylor Swift: She's a 12 year old mean girl trapped inside a 28 year old's body that actually thinks of herself as a diva and has an entourage of fellow mean girls that follow her around everywhere. She's known for filling up lyrics sheets with past heartbreak and dragging her huge list of ex-boyfriend's name through the mud. I'm sorry but at this point it's not a cute innocence anymore, it's borderline insanity.

She started as country music's youngest sensation in the mid-2000s but by the time her album Red had come out she had almost abandoned anything that guaranteed her every female country music award. 1989 is void of anything resembling country music. To some this is a good thing, but to most it's still repetitive pop aimed at preteens blaring over every Limited Too and Justice clothing store.

It's obvious she writes very few of her songs, but just looking at lyrics sheets for tracks like Welcome to New York and Shake it Off it's the same couple of sentences sang over and over to a catchy beat and rhythm.

She basically rules the pop star world, and this album put her at the peak with hits like the previously mentioned Shake it Off and Bad Blood. I'll try my best to analyze songs but there's really no depth and I just can't get in the mindset to grasp if they're really about anything.

Shake it Off was that catchy song that will be sung at every cheer leading pep rally and high school sporting event for years to come. It's just an upbeat poppy mess of repetitive lyrics and catchy hooks. Bad Blood was the other massive hit from the album and it was her typical jab at a previous relationship. Nothing special, but it's the perfect anthem for 7th grade girls who haven't reached a level of maturity to just move on. How you Get the Girl was another hit, but it's just more of the same. Singing about boys and a childlike crush.

Blank Space is like a poem written for some crush. I wish You Would sounds like a heartbreak song I guess. This Love is seriously just more of the same. Fuck it I'm done. There's nothing to analyze here.

This was my wife's CD, and I listened to it probably a dozen times just riding in the car with her. It's kid friendly so that's the only plus. My daughter enjoys it and that's a good thing. I couldn't tell you what song was what but I can promise you it's repetitive, radio friendly, poppy and just all around void of actual musical integrity. I seriously don't know why I wrote a review for this.
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