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Run The Jewels 2
Reviewer Rating: 10/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: September 20, 2017
RTJ is a collaboration project by rapper Killer mike and Rapper/Producer El-P. In a modern rap game of trap, emo, R&B vibes and mumble you get these 2 talented and seasoned MC's creating what us old school fans have been craving pretty much since Kendrick Lamar decided to revive the west coast. Gone are the shallow trap beats and over produced computer sounds and in are the old school 808 thumps and speaker blowing bass.

Out is the constant mumble shit about lean and X and in is the old school Marijuana induced vibes delivering a message and presenting you with either a strong sense of resonance or something that actually makes you think. Seriously some of the rhyme schemes used on some of these tracks is utterly ridiculous. Word play game is top notch and bars are actually fucking killer.

It's s short album clocking in at close to 40 minutes but it flies by and is very satisfying to modern and old school hip hop fans. I wasn't super impressed with their first album but this is where I really feel you get more bang for your buck. They challenge the mind with well placed drug references, pop culture name drops and even some old school wrestling references on top of well blended in messages, especially when de la Rocha of RAGE shows up and delivers an awesome verse.

I highly recommend this to any hip hop fan.
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