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Pink Guy
Reviewer Rating: 8/10
Review by: President Gooch
Added on: November 06, 2017
Pink Guy is a character created by Joji Miller, known for his youtube channel TVFilthyFrank which has over 5 million subscribers. Pink Guy is one of many characters from the channel along with Filthy Frank, Salamander Man, Safari Man, Red Dick, The Dark Lord Chin Chin, Politikz, and a few others. The absurdist comedy of the channel is all over this album as well as the next one, Pink Season. Pink Guy has an amazing flow that holds up with more serious rappers like Childish Gambino, Hopsin, Kendrick, etc. Self produced beats that can be just as wacky as his lyrics. Erectile Dysfunction samples music from Spongebob circa 2005. Hilarious. The album is full of hilarity that fans of absurd comedy in general will love. Is it immature? Yes! Is it stupid? You betcha! Thats the beauty of it! Despite the sarcastic nature, his music can sometimes strike a chord with reality. Songs like Friendzone and Kill Yourself say what a lot of us have been thinking. Pink Guy is intellectually stupid and as a whole, Joji brings something new and fresh to comedy in general. I highly recommend everyone to check out his channel as well as his music.
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