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Pink Season
Reviewer Rating: 9/10
Review by: President Gooch
Added on: November 06, 2017
Back at it again with the cancerous jams, Pink Guy pulls no punches. I figured i should review both of these albums since most users here are over 30 and have no clue who Pink Guy is. Old bastards! Haha
Anyways, this album encompasses the feel of Jojis other work about as good as the 1st album. The wacky random topics, the top notch self production, and that orgazmic flow are all back and better than ever! I also love that he included a track entirely in Japanese (Which translates to I Love Sex). I feel since hes Japanese-Australian. His comedy just seems so bizarre and foreign. Ive never seen anything like it. But im rambling. Check out this album as well as his 1st if you love Rap and absurd comedy. Favorite tracks are Dora the Explora, White is Right, Meme Machine, Hot Nickel Ball on a Pussy, Nickelodeon Girls, and Please Stop Calling Me Gay. Funny stuff.
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