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Narrative Retold
Reviewer Rating: 10/10
Review by: President Gooch
Added on: November 13, 2017
This album is my favorite of this year. Fire From The Gods blew up seemingly out of nowhere with a fresh new take on Nu Metal, which seems to be on the rise with bands like Backwordz, Cane Hill, My Ticket Home, and Sylar doing this Nu Metalcore thing, its refreshing to see. Fire From the Gods is the best of the bunch. This album packs an awesome blend of Reggae, Rap, Metal, Acoustic, and Punk. Excuse Me is the lead single and their most successful commercially. Its a thumping jam reminiscent of Skindred and Killswitvh Engage. It has an anti police brutality/anti racism. Composition is my personal favorite. This one is more metalcore than Excuse Me. Reminds me of Hatebreed with clean vocals that again, Resemble Howard Jones. In Spite of Doubt is another favorite. This ones pretty uplifting and the breakdown is sick! Very Machine Head's The Burning Red/Supercharger era, and i mean that in a good way! I dont skip a single track on this one. Its been in rotation for months! Would recommend if you like Hatebreed, Machine Head, Emmure, RATM, Skindred, Killswitch Engage, or Body Count. Stuff like that. This album is great!
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