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The Eyes Of A Child
Reviewer Rating: 1/10
Review by: Sleazy D
Added on: January 27, 2018
The nu classical jazz era is upon us my E-friends! The spirit of Miles Davis and James Brown lives on through the powerful vocals presented by Linda from Produce (store #1994). Her Bachelor's in Music is really proving it was worth the $200000 of college debt. She nails her performances. "Movin Down the Road" resembles the folk styles of Americana and freeform jazz! The vocals are this one are killed by Blue Vest Traveler (Ronald from Sporting goods, store#0420). The. Gospel overtones are scattered through the album. "Feelin of Joy" is very spiritual. The song is about the 2nd coming of Sam Walton, The Giver of Bargains. Within the Walmart culture, Waltonism is the predominant religion of the associates. The song discusses the original Book of Great Value's first scriptures. Referring to the great War At Target. And Waltons demise during the Battle of Aisle 13, and his spirit remaining alive and blessing the world, (explained in The Scriptures of Rollback) with the Holy Price Check. The rest of the album delves deeper in the subject on a few others. Bob from Automotive store #6969 shreds the axe throughout giving a bit of a rockin 80s hair vibe to break up the monotony. This album was well written, well thought out, and totally not a desperate cash grab to make a few bucks. This album brought tears to my eyes. Bravo, Walmart! You did Sam Walton proud. Im sure he will praise you with gifts of decent health coverage and sick leave!
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