Rest Easy Soul: Finally someone I'll vote over 2Pac!
MurderCapital: "The Brimstone Sluggers" was a suprisingly good album indeed. Now Crazy Town is down to one original member Shifty
Rest Easy Soul: Even though I'd still choose Tupac over them Crazy Town had an awesome album recently
Rest Easy Soul: Also HA HA FUCKING HA At Blahzay Roze getting released from Psy. As mysteriously as she showed up to suck J's nuts, she vanishes.
Rest Easy Soul: Real damn shame I never noticed that.
Chad: Go to your "Alter Profile" section and put in a custom title / content.
Rest Easy Soul: I clicked on some random users profile "Ryan F" and he hasn't been on in a while but below Last Online and above contribution points it said "Penis length: 3 inches" is there a story to that?!
Rest Easy Soul: Yeah but songs like Nasty Mind and Purple Pills would suck without him. I respect what he adds, even if he's a shitty rapper
MurderCapital: Bizarre is wack as fuck tho. All shock value with no skills.
Rest Easy Soul: idiots.
Rest Easy Soul: I hate that there's so many traces of the Eminem/ICP beef on this site from way back in the day. Like some dude posted on the Bizarre page dissing him, but Bizarre is often featured on Psy records
MurderCapital: I totally missed adding it once it came out, I need to buy it at some point
Rest Easy Soul: I have that Riddle Box 20th anniversary edition. I didn't realize it wasn't on this site but it's totally worth listening to
Rest Easy Soul: Looks like they released a full line up of Majik Ninja 2017 releases
Rest Easy Soul: I kinda hope it is after everything I've heard about them. Burning bridges is going to catch up and the whole "juggalo" thing is tapped out. Jeckel Bros and Hell's Pit are decent albums but their fans are idiots and Shaggy is only on like 15% of the track
BurnMyEyes93: Twiztid is the only juggalo group I can enjoy these days, then again I'm not 15 anymore so maybe that has something to do with it. They've been stealing Psychopathics lineup too. Looks like the end is near for the wicked clowns.
MurderCapital: Green Book for me being the last solid album. Sure some good songs here and there, but no solid album.
Rest Easy Soul: You've said that. I thought Darkness was the best thing since Green Book. They're the only "juggalo" group I still care for though.
MurderCapital: I don't care for Twiztid anymore, they haven't done a great album in over 10 years
Rest Easy Soul: I'm really excited about Twiztid's new album. I hate that it's only 12 tracks (Mirror Mirror was 11, wtf?!) but I like Psychomania a lot.
Rest Easy Soul: Apparently I commented on their page about 10 years back. I seriously hope I was being sarcastic and was fucking with everyone.
MurderCapital: Nickelback, no contest
Rest Easy Soul: What's worse: Nic Cage or Nickelback?
MurderCapital: She installed the NicCage add-on. Having all pictures on website replaced with picstures of actor Nic Cage
Rest Easy Soul: What did you see?
MurderCapital: No, just my girlfriend playin tricks on me.
MurderCapital: LOL, did we get hacked?
Rest Easy Soul: Merry Christmas MMMDI
Rest Easy Soul: Check out some of mine that I wrote 10 years ago. Terrible reviews with no research and no spell check
MurderCapital: I had no idea I had written so many (badly written) reviews. You have already won RES
Rest Easy Soul: Hey MurderCapital I'm 1 review away from catching up with you :p
Chad: Yeah, it counts someone as being online for five minutes after they click something, that timer resets every time they click something else. Lot of unregistered users from Google.
Rest Easy Soul: That would make sense. I've noticed a slight uptick in activity lately though. Not so much the reviews and comments but page hits
MurderCapital: I think it has something to do with google hits or something
Rest Easy Soul: I visit a few times a day. Like right now it says 122 online but it's only showing me. Where are the other 121 people?
MurderCapital: I'm here all the time, fact is MMMDI is my start page
Rest Easy Soul: I've always wondered how accurate that "online users" counter was
Prayforplagues85: what's up guys? i've been on this site over 12 years and still visit every once in a while.
Rest Easy Soul: I've honestly never listened to a lot of KoRn outside of the singles. MAnaged to find used copies of Follow the Leader and Issues for like $3 each and I'm listening to them now. Their best tracks are the ones you don't hear on the radio like Pretty
Rest Easy Soul: Add away. The site could use the activity
Krombopulos Michael: I mean, I like a lot more music than that too, but that's my fav. artist.
Krombopulos Michael: I'm a fan of Kevin Devine and thought I might add more lyrics to his collection, but I wanted to make sure it was cool before I just added it, or if I should add it in a forum or something first? I'm sorry for being a newb :D
Krombopulos Michael: Hey. I'm real new here. I just made an account and I was wondering how it works or if there's already a page that tells me how this works/rules or whatever, if anyone could direct me
MurderCapital: Added
Rest Easy Soul: Yeah I thought it was since my iTunes separates it as an EP but it looks like my physical version of the album just has it as disc 2 and it was never sold exclusively.
MurderCapital: I can't find any information that the "Relapse: Refill" has been released as a solo EP, just as a bonus disc to another issue of the "Relapse" album. Is this correct?
Rest Easy Soul: Submitted another Eminem album, this time using the forums. Hope I did it right.
MurderCapital: I believe so
Danzors: Do you still get points for submitting higher res album art?
Rest Easy Soul: Also I looked at the list I created "raps greatest" and I was seriously disappointed in myself from 9 years ago. I made some changes if anyone wants to check it out