Rest Easy Soul: Not without a severance!
MurderCapital: Time to quit your job
Rest Easy Soul: I lied. Work blocked this site because of the new forced "HTTPS" filter
Rest Easy Soul: Man. New Eminem sucked hard. Review coming soon
Rest Easy Soul: I've never listened to a Stone Sour album
MurderCapital: Stone SOur put out a album this summer? I totally missed that, so did everyone else on here it seems.
MurderCapital: Not gonna include Ol Evil Eye as it's more inspired by the story than any movie
Sleazy D: Really been digging Type O Negative lately. I Dont Wanna Be is a jam
Rest Easy Soul: Return of the Fly comes to mind. When I have more time I'll help you out. If you're counting it then Ol Evil Eye by ICP is based on Tell-Tale Heart which has a movie
MurderCapital: I don't have the energy to go throug it all myself.
MurderCapital: I know Misfits has some, but you gotta be more specific
Rest Easy Soul: Check some Misfits tracks
MurderCapital: New list looking for suggestions: http://www.musicmade...single/518
MurderCapital: Now.
Rest Easy Soul: When you gonna add the new Eminem homie?
MurderCapital: I don't think there is one without any small missstep. But some I like the majority of their discography: DMX, Cypress Hill, Ice-T, Ice Cube... House of Pain I think made three solid albums before calling it a day.
Rest Easy Soul: Who would you say is consistent? Geto Boys and Three 6 Mafia would be my next choices
MurderCapital: Not any of his album post "Absolute Power" has recived a 4 star rating from me on here. That being said, he does make songs I like, just not good enough albums and a lot of that comes from what I call filler tracks.
Rest Easy Soul: I don't think any of them after Everready was ever 10/10 but the fact I wouldn't consider any below average is remarkable for his huge library
MurderCapital: I don't agree. The early Tech albums I really enjoy (Angelic & Absolute Power) however I think most of his album contain too many tracks that just feel like filler. But I have to respect the man's workethic.
Rest Easy Soul: Several rappers had albums I'd consider missteps but Tech has not done a bad album yet.
MurderCapital: What do you mean by that Rest?
Rest Easy Soul: Tech N9ne is the most consistent rapper ever
Sleazy D: Wu Tang Clan vs Austrian Death Machine? Sounds like a great B movie!
MurderCapital: Albums I guess "Knock Madness", songs, well pretty much all "Ill Mind of Hopsin" songs
Rest Easy Soul: Recommend me some Hopsin
Christopher: Thanks, bro!
Chad: Fixed
Rest Easy Soul: Now I'm seeing that message.
Rest Easy Soul: Something something Net Neutrality
Sleazy D: Should consider making a mobile app version of the site.
Sleazy D: Same thing here too
Christopher: Get mvmmdi query fails :Unknown column 'mv.movie_id' in 'field list'
MurderCapital: Is it just me having trouble with the site?
Rest Easy Soul: It's something
Sleazy D: Its pretty lit lol hashtag
Rest Easy Soul: That name
Sleazy D: Caught CKY on the Warped Tour in July. They killed it. Couple awesome bands there. Hatebreed, Gwar, Municipal Waste, Fire From the Gods, The Ataris, Futuristic, and Beartooth were great.
Rest Easy Soul: Saw CKY and HIM in Dallas last week. It was not bad, more nostalgic than anything
Rest Easy Soul: I'm just happy to see new reviews that aren't mine!
Lucid Dreams: .
Sleazy D: Idubbbz is the GAY guy lol
Sleazy D: Figured id make a quick review of Pink Guy since im assuming most of you have no clue who he is.
Sleazy D: His channel has over 5 million subs. Check it out!
Rest Easy Soul: Isn't he the "DO SOMETHING GAY!" Guy?
Sleazy D: His album made the hip hop charts
Sleazy D: Funny guy on youtube
MurderCapital: Who's your best friend Dusty?
Sleazy D: Add Pink Guy. Hes raps finest
MurderCapital: Indeed