Rest Easy Soul: Not sure if anyone here is a wrestling fan but Corgan owns the NWA
Rest Easy Soul: I had absolutely no idea but I nominated them for battle of the bands. Now that's coincidence
MurderCapital: Never thought I would see another Big dumb Face album.
Rest Easy Soul: Check out RTJ if you haven't MC. They're really good. B-Real is absolutely legendary I agree
MurderCapital: Nah, Chuck D and B-Real are legendary, and rightfully so. I also think both fit well with the Rage sound
Rest Easy Soul: No idea why that sent 3 times but I said good, I meant it was okay. De La Rocha is the man and he is featured on RTJ a bit which is better by a million miles
Rest Easy Soul: I was surprised at how good Prophets of Rage was. I think I'd take Killer Mike in Run the Jewels over Chuck D and B-Real though.
Rest Easy Soul: I was surprised at how good Prophets of Rage was. I think I'd take Killer Mike in Run the Jewels over Chuck D and B-Real though.
Rest Easy Soul: I was surprised at how good Prophets of Rage was. I think I'd take Killer Mike in Run the Jewels over Chuck D and B-Real though.
DustyNuggetz: Five Finger has been shitty since the 3rd album. Disturbeds more recent stuff isnt bad. Its what youd expect of them.
MurderCapital: I don't care for either of those bands
Rest Easy Soul: So in other words continue to pass on those 2 groups?
DustyNuggetz: Not that im aware of.
Rest Easy Soul: Speaking of metal I haven't been keeping up with the current popular guys like Disturbed, 5FDP and the like. Anything worth checking out from them?
MurderCapital: Evanescence comes out with a new album after 6 years and it's a cover album of their own songs. LAME.
DustyNuggetz: If anyones into metal Great is Our Sin by Revocation is great. Came out last year i think. Better than their last one which was meh imo
Rest Easy Soul: I watch that too. Brian Zane is a really cool guy and that's a pretty good show
MurderCapital: Same here, from Wrestling With Wregret
Rest Easy Soul: Who added the Roddy Piper single? I literally just learned about that yesterday
DustyNuggetz: I liked him in high school when i was big into nu metal and the whole juggalo thing. His later stuff is fun to lisyen to cuz its lyrically garbage. His backong bands arent bad tho
MurderCapital: If you are into nu-metal: "Hard To Swallow" - it's like if Korn wrote a rap-metal album, otherwise I would go with "Mind Blowin" straight up hardcore rap.
Rest Easy Soul: What are some good Vanilla Ice albums to check out? I only know his first
Chad: Good catch, fixed.
Rest Easy Soul: Same with Manson, over 580,000 views, but the usage statistics show 180,000
Rest Easy Soul: How come the "usage statistics" page doesn't match the artists page? Like total page views for ICP is only 284,000, but on their actual page it's over 900,000.
Rest Easy Soul: How come the "usage statistics" page doesn
MurderCapital: I just had too
Rest Easy Soul: The song layout made me laugh. Made me think of Big Lebowski. I fucking hate the Eagles man!
DustyNuggetz: #edgy Bizarre sucks
DustyNuggetz: I want to rape you Justin, you're albums are disgustin' Justin Bieber I'm going to kill you
Rest Easy Soul: I guess we'll see if he's still clinging on to what worked in the 90s.
MurderCapital: Bizarre goes for shockvalue, so why shouldn't I do the same?
Rest Easy Soul: I did not expect this conversation to go that way at all LOL
MurderCapital: Hitler had his moments too.
Rest Easy Soul: He has his moments like in Purple Pills, Rap Game, Revelation and D12 World. But then there's Nasty Mind and his verse in Amityville.
MurderCapital: Bizarre is one of the worst rappers of all-time
Rest Easy Soul: Bizarre just signed to Twiztid's label. I had a good chuckle because of all the traces on this site of the Eminem/ICP feud.
Rest Easy Soul: I've also never listened to Mushroomhead
Rest Easy Soul: I need to listen to him. I've had people tell me I'd like him.
DustyNuggetz: Tyler the Creators new one was, odd
MurderCapital: You mean you like someone that can sing over someone that can't
Rest Easy Soul: Serj > Darren. I've always preferred Serj singing in SOAD over Darren
MurderCapital: No problemz
Rest Easy Soul: Thanks for updating the lyrics and everything for One More Light!
Rest Easy Soul: I like LP. Always have. They got undeserved hate for years with "crawling" memes but there was also a certain level of respect for his singing ability
DustyNuggetz: Say what you will of LP, but Chester's talent will never be forgotten. RIP
Rest Easy Soul: RIP Chester Bennington
Rest Easy Soul: Pride is good, too
Rest Easy Soul: Humble, Loyalty, Feel, Yah. The whole album is really good but those stick out to me after 3 or 4 listens
MurderCapital: I never got into the hype of Kendrick Lamar, to me he is boring and mediocre. What songs of "Damn" should I check out that might change my mind?