Rest Easy Soul: Bought their first 3 off Amazon last night. MY copy of SO was scratched, listening to Chocolate Starfish now. Honestly I like it, but I can see why people don't. The instrumentals are amazing
DustyNuggetz: I honestly think Results May Vary was their best one.
MurderCapital: I do enjoy all three of their first albums to this day.
Rest Easy Soul: Do you still enjoy Signifigant other and Hot Dog Flavored Water? I just got done listening to Signifigant Other and it holds up somewhat. Never listened to all of Hot Dog Flavored Water. Also never listened to all of 3 Dollar Bill. They get a lot of hate
MurderCapital: Any of my list you post on I get a e-mail note for, so you are welcome. I was thinking of updating it since "Gold Cobra" is not on the list. But than again, it doesn't deserve to be.
Rest Easy Soul: Hey MC I know you probably won't see it but good job on the Limp Bizkit songs list. I'm on a random nostalgic kick and that list is pretty helpful with the new stuff.
Rest Easy Soul: I accidentally voted NWA when I meant MF DOOM. Well another day of NWA
DustyNuggetz: I agree. I was honestly never a big Blink 182 fan but I loved +44
Rest Easy Soul: They were better than AvA. I always preferred Mark anyway
DustyNuggetz: I gotta go +44 on this one. Middle school nostalgia
DustyNuggetz: lol I guess
Rest Easy Soul: Fuck yeah. If by so many you mean 2 or 3
DustyNuggetz: Didn't think we had so many NWA fans here.
Rest Easy Soul: I like IWABO a lot. Well I like their original singer. The new one might have better screams live but her clean singing is pretty bad.
DustyNuggetz: IWABO FTW
Rest Easy Soul: To whoever is actually adding Halsey to the site I apologize for all the bold. Apparently I forgot how to properly use the Coding and I was on my work computer, now I'm on my phone.
Rest Easy Soul: I miss the "most popular album" feature that used to be on each artists page
Rest Easy Soul: New Papa Roach album is sounding somewhat decent. New Gorillaz album was boring. Plastic Beach I'm just now listening to for the first time. It's amazing
DustyNuggetz: I like it
MurderCapital: LOL @ anarcho-capitalist rap-metal
DustyNuggetz: submitted some bands.
Rest Easy Soul: I forgot Too Short even existed.
MurderCapital: YEAH!
Rest Easy Soul: So people really like Boondox huh? I liked his first album a lot
Rest Easy Soul: I think there were a few bombs on Bizaar/Bizzar but the energy level was low and they were both rushed. J made a real banger with Wizard of the Hood though
MurderCapital: I don't think ICP did one really bad song between 1994 and 2000.
Rest Easy Soul: Love em or hate em ICP still made Riddle Box, Jeckel Bros, and Forgotten Freshness 1, 2, and 5.
DustyNuggetz: did anyone add Backwordz yet? they're great! you'll love em!
DustyNuggetz: goin with Exodus on this one
MurderCapital: Whoop whoop!
DustyNuggetz: I'm gonna lol if ICP beats 2pac.
Rest Easy Soul: Sorry guys I had to nominate 2pac again. I just wanted to see who could beat him and have his reign continue
MurderCapital: Yeah, I voted for 2pac that they like 100 times... Dead 2pac is way, way better than anything Korn post 1999
Rest Easy Soul: Finally someone took out Tupac. I love Tupac to death but I call shenannigans when he beat Korn after they lead 3-1 all day
DustyNuggetz: someone should add Backwordz to the site. good stuff
Rest Easy Soul: Finally someone I'll vote over 2Pac!
MurderCapital: "The Brimstone Sluggers" was a suprisingly good album indeed. Now Crazy Town is down to one original member Shifty
Rest Easy Soul: Even though I'd still choose Tupac over them Crazy Town had an awesome album recently
Rest Easy Soul: Also HA HA FUCKING HA At Blahzay Roze getting released from Psy. As mysteriously as she showed up to suck J's nuts, she vanishes.
Rest Easy Soul: Real damn shame I never noticed that.
Chad: Go to your "Alter Profile" section and put in a custom title / content.
Rest Easy Soul: I clicked on some random users profile "Ryan F" and he hasn't been on in a while but below Last Online and above contribution points it said "Penis length: 3 inches" is there a story to that?!
Rest Easy Soul: Yeah but songs like Nasty Mind and Purple Pills would suck without him. I respect what he adds, even if he's a shitty rapper
MurderCapital: Bizarre is wack as fuck tho. All shock value with no skills.
Rest Easy Soul: idiots.
Rest Easy Soul: I hate that there's so many traces of the Eminem/ICP beef on this site from way back in the day. Like some dude posted on the Bizarre page dissing him, but Bizarre is often featured on Psy records
MurderCapital: I totally missed adding it once it came out, I need to buy it at some point
Rest Easy Soul: I have that Riddle Box 20th anniversary edition. I didn't realize it wasn't on this site but it's totally worth listening to
Rest Easy Soul: Looks like they released a full line up of Majik Ninja 2017 releases
Rest Easy Soul: I kinda hope it is after everything I've heard about them. Burning bridges is going to catch up and the whole "juggalo" thing is tapped out. Jeckel Bros and Hell's Pit are decent albums but their fans are idiots and Shaggy is only on like 15% of the track