DustyNuggetz: #edgy Bizarre sucks
DustyNuggetz: I want to rape you Justin, you're albums are disgustin' Justin Bieber I'm going to kill you
Rest Easy Soul: I guess we'll see if he's still clinging on to what worked in the 90s.
MurderCapital: Bizarre goes for shockvalue, so why shouldn't I do the same?
Rest Easy Soul: I did not expect this conversation to go that way at all LOL
MurderCapital: Hitler had his moments too.
Rest Easy Soul: He has his moments like in Purple Pills, Rap Game, Revelation and D12 World. But then there's Nasty Mind and his verse in Amityville.
MurderCapital: Bizarre is one of the worst rappers of all-time
Rest Easy Soul: Bizarre just signed to Twiztid's label. I had a good chuckle because of all the traces on this site of the Eminem/ICP feud.
Rest Easy Soul: I've also never listened to Mushroomhead
Rest Easy Soul: I need to listen to him. I've had people tell me I'd like him.
DustyNuggetz: Tyler the Creators new one was, odd
MurderCapital: You mean you like someone that can sing over someone that can't
Rest Easy Soul: Serj > Darren. I've always preferred Serj singing in SOAD over Darren
MurderCapital: No problemz
Rest Easy Soul: Thanks for updating the lyrics and everything for One More Light!
Rest Easy Soul: I like LP. Always have. They got undeserved hate for years with "crawling" memes but there was also a certain level of respect for his singing ability
DustyNuggetz: Say what you will of LP, but Chester's talent will never be forgotten. RIP
Rest Easy Soul: RIP Chester Bennington
Rest Easy Soul: Pride is good, too
Rest Easy Soul: Humble, Loyalty, Feel, Yah. The whole album is really good but those stick out to me after 3 or 4 listens
MurderCapital: I never got into the hype of Kendrick Lamar, to me he is boring and mediocre. What songs of "Damn" should I check out that might change my mind?
Rest Easy Soul: DAMN
DustyNuggetz: already love AHC, Static, and WZ. I'll check out the others. thanks guys
MurderCapital: Not sure about bands sounding JUST like Fear Factory, but try: American Head Charge, Pitchshifter, Die Krupps, Static-X, White Zombie, Prong, Pain (swedish band) and G//Z/R
Rest Easy Soul: Powerman 5000
DustyNuggetz: someone give me some good Industrial/Groove metal recommendations. Something like Fear Factory
Rest Easy Soul: Me either. I'm too lazy to listen to it just to see if it has rapping and it's not worth it. Devil and Cocky are good listening. Also got that Jay Z added!
MurderCapital: That's the thing, I don't care for Kid Rock singing
Rest Easy Soul: Devil Without a Cause is easily his best, but I'd give Cocky a 6.5/10, S/T I haven't listened to yet but its supposedly void of his rapping
MurderCapital: I really like "Devil Without a Cause", I would rate it 7/10. With that said, it's the only album of his I own. Haven't listen to the others. What do you think of them?
Rest Easy Soul: Hey MC do you still consider Devil Without a Cause one of 1998's best? Also how are Cocky and his self titled album?
MurderCapital: Don't really know yet, haven't check all of them out yet.
Rest Easy Soul: It's been an amazing summer for you, huh?
MurderCapital: Hell Yeah
Rest Easy Soul: Bought their first 3 off Amazon last night. MY copy of SO was scratched, listening to Chocolate Starfish now. Honestly I like it, but I can see why people don't. The instrumentals are amazing
DustyNuggetz: I honestly think Results May Vary was their best one.
MurderCapital: I do enjoy all three of their first albums to this day.
Rest Easy Soul: Do you still enjoy Signifigant other and Hot Dog Flavored Water? I just got done listening to Signifigant Other and it holds up somewhat. Never listened to all of Hot Dog Flavored Water. Also never listened to all of 3 Dollar Bill. They get a lot of hate
MurderCapital: Any of my list you post on I get a e-mail note for, so you are welcome. I was thinking of updating it since "Gold Cobra" is not on the list. But than again, it doesn't deserve to be.
Rest Easy Soul: Hey MC I know you probably won't see it but good job on the Limp Bizkit songs list. I'm on a random nostalgic kick and that list is pretty helpful with the new stuff.
Rest Easy Soul: I accidentally voted NWA when I meant MF DOOM. Well another day of NWA
DustyNuggetz: I agree. I was honestly never a big Blink 182 fan but I loved +44
Rest Easy Soul: They were better than AvA. I always preferred Mark anyway
DustyNuggetz: I gotta go +44 on this one. Middle school nostalgia
DustyNuggetz: lol I guess
Rest Easy Soul: Fuck yeah. If by so many you mean 2 or 3
DustyNuggetz: Didn't think we had so many NWA fans here.
Rest Easy Soul: I like IWABO a lot. Well I like their original singer. The new one might have better screams live but her clean singing is pretty bad.
DustyNuggetz: IWABO FTW