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Yeah! Scrimps, and juice bitch! That’s what I want, you got that here? you got any Chinese spare ribs up in this muthafucka? Fuck that, give me some scrimp and juice. Muthafucka, ima get loose up in this bitch right now

(Foe Foe)
24 wit the gold tip, scrimps and juice
all platinum wit the gold grip, about to get loose
triple black windows like “ who dat is?”
Foe Foe and the Rydas in the big body Benz
All my friends is close, and my enemies closer
Til wind up pictured, on the “have you seen me?” poster
Sippin on the neach wit hoes feedin me grapes
I had to get up out the hood ???
All the haters need to back the fuck up
Before I back the truck up, and leave your crew all shot and stuck up
In the hood, all the money in the world aint nuttin
That’s why they always hate you for sumthin

(Full Clip)
Ryda convoy rollin' tough again
Black hummer H2 on the 42 spins
Scrimp and juice bar, restin in the console
Foldaway Hatch with the stripper's pole
Lil shank comin through wit a gang of chickens
And plenty of that nose candy for those hoes that dippin
Takin bitches down, send em home wit Limps
And I be sippin on my juice and double dippin my scrimps

You got that juice and scrimp, don't lie boy, You's a pimp
(Get your money right)Can I ride wit you?Boy let me ride wit you!
(Get your money right)
You got that juice and scrimp,?damn white boy? Yous a pimp
(Get your money right)Can I ride wit you?Boy let me ride wit you!
(Get your money right)

Get off my plate bitch, my scrimp
I walk wit a pimp limp, im no simp
I'm a ryda, even when I walk im ridin
And the small of my back is a glock I\'m hidin
When I pull out, muthafuckas fo’heads blow out
I'm one them thugs, the reason you don’t go out
Me and lil shank, full clip, and cell block
Ride wit us, we drop you off shell shocked
Juice and scrimps, gangsta furry
Don’t worry, weed man comin through in a hurry
And my name, you muthafuckas know my name
You won’t forget it when I bury one deep in yo brain

(Sawed Off)
7 days of week, sippin juice, eatin shrimp
Bubba Gump ain't got shit on me,man I be parlayin'
You would think id say bye to sea
'Cause the hood, the whole hood smell fishy
Butter it up dawg!
Barbeque,sautéed, pan-fried, whatever, tall glass of homemade wine
Juice bitch its on! When we chillin, its like a lunch break
Cause thuggin all the time could make a muthafucka hungry


(Cell Block)
Ballin' outta control, my money folds with bills and big faces
And every money is to livin' in some suitcases
My scrimp and juice is all swoll, and keeps all the rydas to' up
On some dime crystal and any luxury
Cell block got the hood unlocked, slangin all types of rock
And kill a muthafucka runnin his spot
Its my street, its my ground and that bump is my sound
You can hear my system pound from the other side of town

(Lil’ Shank)
Since I was knee-high to a big wheel
I was always determined to roll wit a crew of rydas, keeping it real
I met Bullet, Foe Foe, Full Clip, Converse, Sawed Off, Cell Block all this shit was unheard
But we had mad dreams of makin it big
Scrimps and juice, want butter on my lobster bib
Pimpin', thuggin', rydin', mashin',
7 black trucks parked at the ryda mansion
and it don’t stop, so go ahead wipe that cocktail sauce off yo chin
and count that money man!
Psychopathic rydas all up in this bitch
And we don’t give a shit
Go ahead and get your shrimp!

(Chorus X2)

(Big Daddy Coconut)
I don’t know how long its gon’ ride, but imma tell you somethin'
What you need to do, is take ya ass back to the kitchen, and get me one of them goblins of shrimp!
As you can see I'm runnin' a little low over here!
Oh, what you mean “naw?”
You can put that on my playin' card baby!
Yeah act like you know.
That’s right, real heavy on the cocktail sauce pimpin'!
Scrimps and Juice, 2005 till infinity!
Psychopathic rydas and… Big Daddy Coconut up in the muthafucka!
Keep it greasy for ya’ll! Hang tight.
Check Your Shit In Bitch!
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Beat taken from "Juicy" by Notorious B.I.G..
submitted by MurderCapital
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