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[Mickey Avalon]
My dick cost a late night fee
Your dick got the HIV
My dick plays on the double feature screen
Your dick went straight to DVD

[Andre Legacy]
My dick- bigger than a bridge
Your dick look like a little kid's
My dick- large like the Chargers, the whole team
Your shit look like you fourteen

[Dirt Nasty]
My dick- locked in a cage, right
Your dick suffer from stage fright
My dick- so hot, it's stolen
Your dick look like Gary Coleman

[Mickey Avalon]
My dick- pink and big
Your dick stinks like shit
My dick got a Caesar doo
Your dick needs a tweezer, dude

[Andre Legacy]
My dick is like super size
Your dick look like two fries
My dick- more mass than the Earth
Your dick- half staff, it needs work

[Dirt Nasty]
My dick- been there done that
Your dick sits there with dunce cap
My dick- V.I.P.
Your shit needs I.D.

[Chorus x2]
It's time that we let the world know
Dude, you gotta let your girl go
D.S. is the best in the business
P.S. we got dicks like Jesus

[Mickey Avalon]
My dick need no introduction
Your dick don't even function

[Andre Legacy]
My dick served a whole luncheon
Your dick- it look like a munchkin

[Dirt Nasty]
My dick- size of a pumpkin
Your dick look like Macaulay Culkin

[Mickey Avalon]
My dick- good, good loving
Your dick- good for nothing

[Andre Legacy]
My dick bench pressed 350
Your dick couldn’t shoplift at Thrifty

[Dirt Nasty]
My dick- pretty damn skimpy
Your dick- hungry as a hippie

[Mickey Avalon]
My dick don't fit down the chimney
Your dick is like a kid from the Philippines

[Andre Legacy]
My dick is like an M16
Your dick- broken vending machine

[Dirt Nasty]
My dick parts the seas
Your dick farts and queefs

[Mickey Avalon]
My dick- rumble in the jungle
Your dick got touched by your uncle

[Andre Legacy]
My dick goes to yoga
Your dick- fruit roll-up

[Dirt Nasty]
My dick- grade-A beef
Your dick- Mayday geek

[Mickey Avalon]
My dick- sick and dangerous
Your dick- quick and painless

[Andre Legacy]
My dick- 'nuff said
Your dick loves Fred

[Chorus x2]
Mickey Avalon
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