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And finally, everything worked out just fine
Christmas was saved, though there wasn't much time

But, after that night, things were never the same
Each holiday now knew the other ones' name

And though that one Christmas, things got out of hand
I'm still rather fond of that skeleton man

So, many years later I thought I'd drop in
And there was old Jack, still looking quite thin

With four or five skeleton children at hand
Playing strange little tunes in their xylophone band

And I asked old Jack, "Do you remember the night
When the sky was so dark, and the moon shone so bright?

When a million small children pretending to sleep
Nearly didn't have Christmas at all, so to speak?

And would, if you could, turn that mighty clock back
To that long fateful night? Now, think carefully, Jack

Would you do the whole thing all over again?
Knowing what you know now, knowing what you knew then?"

And he smiled like the old Pumpkin King that I knew
Then turned, and asked softly of me... "Wouldn't you?"
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
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19. Closing
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Narrated by Patrick Stewart.
submitted by MurderCapital
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