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Of failure and promise
How can I let this go?
Ive tried to sever the strings that tie me to you
I felt betrayed at the sound of engaged in parallels
And disgusted by the act of this alone
Im running still with this weight on my back
A burden, a scar for growth
An everlasting blemish
Im wrapped with discontent
A feeling of uncertainty as this hook still lies in my hip
Shackles keep me from moving forward
I regret all the moments leading up to this
And Id do anything, Id do anything to have them back
This mold is taking shape with this figure of spoken distaste
Shes choking, indulging on every word she spoke
Just where did we go wrong?
Sift through peace, find turmoil
And now Im floored with being replaced by something less
Excuses now mark your choice and erase all that was said before
Youve lost all, all of your integrity
Youve been stripped of everything I made you out to be
I am giving up on you
A Time Before Cable
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