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Put your back against the wall
Ready your weapon
Tonite they try to kill us all
But we wonít let them
If I should fall tell my mother that I tried
And Iíll do the same for you if you die
Cuz when the chips are down
There is no backing down
Whos gon stop us now?
Killem all
Gunem down hang their fuckin bodies in the halls
Killem all
Iím about to killem all
Whos gon stop us now?
Itís me against the world but I brought some friends with me
And they donít have no problem killing any of you for me
Killem all
Gunem down hang their fuckin bodies in the halls
Killem all
Cutem down letem fall fuckem all
Killem all
Thereís no law in this land we just killem all
Killem all
Iím about to killem all
Thatís it
I tried talking to you about peace
I quit
They only wanna hear about the beast
Well sit
Open your ears and close your eyes and Iíll try and tell you how it feels to fry
Taking a bullet feels like being set of fire and the knife blade feels ice cold
And I see things when I sleep at night no author could describe with words
And Iíve went to bed hungry and Iíve fought for my life and when the chips are down thereís no backing down
When I try to explain it just drives me insane because I become so overwhelmed
Memoirs Of A Murderer
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01. Kill 'Em All
02. Best Nite Of My Life
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