Home If you, if you could return Don't let it burn,don't let it fade I'm sure I'm not being rude But it's just your attitude It's tearing me apart It's ruining everything I swore, I swore I would be true And honey so did you So why were you holding her... The Cranberries - Linger Home
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D12, Twiztid, and Bizzare, east side baby, sex on my mind
Yeah its time to get romantic (come here slut) romantic-ish
Man i'm gonna let her sip the nut up out my cock

10 more strokes till i bust and plus i'm pumping it double time
Who's is jiggelin more hers or mine?
Sweatin like i'm liftin weights
They love my banana and i love shovin it in and out of they soft face
I like it when they freaky-deaky
They lick they lips and tell me that they wanna see me naked from the hips down
Oh don't start no shit now
Come stick it in ya mouth show me what you all about
I'ont even know ya name girl
But i know that yous a pro at somethin
Took me clean to the grapes with butter flyin on her own muffin
Dripin down her leg with execitement and juice
Rubbin my sack pullin hard hoping that i'ma cut loose
I pop like a bottle o'martini and raw
See i spunked i coated her tongue and body
Woke up with my dick stuck to the bedsheet
I aint fucked no down beast
I'm a victim of wet dreams

It makes makes me feel so good
I can't help but explode everytime
I go to sleep and it appears
Always with sex on it's mind
I can't control it but i know
That this shit can't be right
I love to hit don't be fooled
I go to sleep every night

Now i was tied up under a vieduct
With cigareete burns on my face
And i'm bein fucked by a known slut
But i'm like so what
The only question that i got is
Can i stick it in her butt
When i'm about to bust a nut
She gets off and start to suck
And just my luck the fuckin cops show up
They scream freeze but she keeps on suckin
Like a fat chick with a 20 piece mcnugget
Now the fuzz is buggin and handcuffin
When all of a sudden she pulls a gun and starts bustin
Asshole naked and i can't escape
Now who the fuck said it no fun to get raped
Blood set and 4 cops is done
Now she walkin back toward me reloadin the gun
And now she startin back suckin
Mouth hotter that the sun
And just when i'm about to cum [gunshots]


Daydreaming about marrying halle berry
Elton jon fucking the virgin mary
A peepin tom you can find me in rollovers
With a black ski mask and a yellow fur coat
I like gettin my dick sucked and my ass licked
I love gettin it licked i bout just took a shit
I'm at the family reunion i don't know what i'm doin
Tongue is in my aunty my uncle talking about sueing
I'm a fat ass fuck who don't get ass
Thats why most of my time my right hands taking the gass
Bizzare at the marty graw with a chainsaw
Fuckin slap a bitch raw screaming fuck them all
God dammit i love the first date
Fuck the kissin i'm tryin to get my ass hairs ate
Then i'm pissin on the midgets lickin my balls
I'm about to bust right in front of st. andrews hall

Cryptic Collection: Valentines Day Edition
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