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The Carnival of Carnage, the Ringmaster
The Riddlebox, the Great Milenko
The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, and the Wraith
Looks like we're all out of time brother, everybody's out of time
Fuck it, we gots to tell them, all secrets will now be told
No more hidden messages, this is it y'all, time's up
Everything be out right here, no need for the reverse talking, the truth

Now we have been told this Carnival shit has touched on many lives
People have fuckin' sworn to us they too can feel it inside
What is it that draws you in, this magic that compels you
We've been waiting six fuckin' Joker Cards to finally tell you
The messages and hints were there although most never picked up on 'em
We snuck 'em in subliminally with that wicked shit around them
We mentioned more and more of this on every Joker's Card
The bottom line, always the same, you ain't have to look hard
We wickedly kick it, inflict it, you get it, get with it and dig we don't preach it flat out
Cause some ninjas don't wanna get wit ya, they quick to forget ya without the Hatchet and gat out
So we rose the Hatchet, do or die, now Juggalos standing tall
After all six have risen, the end of time will consume us all
It ain't got nothing to do with us, it ain't Psychopathic Records
All we're doing is pointing shit out to you, we in this together
Who's behind the Dark Carnival, the Gatherings and the Hatchet
Who's behind Dark Lotus, the Circus and everybody at it
Who invented Juggalos and Juggalettes and fuckin' Faygo showers
What about that feeling you get when bumping our shit, who's behind these Juggalo powers
This ain't no fucking fan club, it ain't about making a buck
Don't buy our fuckin' action figures bitch, I don't give a fuck
It ain't about Violent J or Shaggy, the Butterfly or Seventeen
When we speak of Shangri-La, what you think we mean
Truth is we follow God, we've always been behind him
The Carnival is God and may all Juggalos find him

May the Juggalos find him, may the Juggalos find him
May the Juggalos find him, he's out there, he's out there

We're not sorry if we tricked you, we don't care what happens now
We're not sorry if we tricked you, we swing our Hatchets and we're proud
We're not sorry if we tricked you, painted faces in the crowd
We're not sorry if we tricked you, the Carnival will carry on

Yeah, he's out there, may the Juggalos find him
Yeah, he's out there, may the Juggalos find him

We're not sorry if we tricked you, the Carnival will carry on
We're not sorry if we tricked you, the Carnival will carry on
We're not sorry if we tricked you, painted faces in the crowd
We're not sorry if we tricked you, the Carnival will carry on

Yeah, he's everywhere, I'm sayin' he's anywhere
Juggalos, he's out there, yeah, yeah, everywhere, he's out there

Come see the show, big top show
Walk in and hang with the dead carnival
Dead dirty carnies, dead Juggalos
Walk in and hang with the dead carnival, he's out there
Juggler, juggler, fuck with the juggler
Juggler, juggler, fuck with the juggler
Juggler, juggler, fuck with the juggler
You can't fuck with the juggler

May the Juggalos find him
May the Juggalos find him
He's out there, may the Juggalos find him
May the Juggalos find him
He's out there, he's out there

We all gon' die, but I'm not gonna fry
Evern most never try, I'm not gonna let this pass me by, no
This is our world, this is our world
This is our world, so get the fuck out
This is our world, this is our world
This is our world, so get the fuck out

We're not sorry if we tricked you, we don't care what happens now
We're not sorry if we tricked you, we swing our Hatchets and we're proud
We're not sorry if we tricked you, painted faces in the crowd
We're not sorry if we tricked you, the Carnival will carry on

Suck my nuts bitch, fuck you
Suck my nuts bitch, fuck you

Inner City Posse got the dog beats, ICP, we got the dog beats
Inner City Posse got the dog beats, ICP, we got the dog beats
Three rings, a ding a ding ding, people love to point and stare
Three rings, a ding a ding ding, it's the same as everywhere
Murder go round, murder go round, how ya gonna fuck with a wicked clown
Murder go round, murder go round, how ya gonna fuck with a wicked clown

He's out there
We don't care what happens now
We swing our Hatchets and we're proud
Painted faces in the crowd
The carnival will carry on
The carnival will carry on
Painted faces in the crowd
The carnival will carry on
The carnival will carry on

Thank you ladies and gentlemen
Thank you for joining us
We hope you've enjoyed the Wraith's exhibit of Shangri-La
And soon as you die this will be yours
Thank you for joining us, thank you bitch
Hahahaha, always remember to fuck off, thank you
Fuck off, goodbye
The Wraith: Shangri-La
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16. The Wraith
17. Thy Unveiling
Song Facts  
Jumpsteady does the intro to this song.
submitted by Rest Easy Soul
Avatar #1: MurderCapital - added: 12/04/2003, 07:55 AM
Probly the best track Insane Clown Posse ever made !
Avatar #2: crazed_clown - added: 12/09/2003, 09:44 PM
if i could pick one song to listin to forever this would be it they poured everything into it an it shows im a new juggolo so when they reavield the dak carnival was god it took me by suprise but after thinkin bout it makes sence i think its cool mmcl
Avatar #3: Sam Dyer, scratch47 - added: 12/20/2003, 03:18 PM
Heeheeheehee. Proof that all juggalos have been fooled and are brainless for mindlessly following this crappy band.
Avatar #4: Darkjuggalo - added: 12/26/2003, 11:37 PM
Hell no, mislead, nto fooled, only suckers can get fooeld and juggalos aint suckers by any means, it sheds new light on the lyrics and meanigns behidn all of ICP, even if you dotn believe in god it gives good meanign to life, MMFCL
Avatar #5: buddy - added: 01/15/2004, 11:40 PM
just fucking amazing song it was even more amazing at the wicked wonka tour when they did the shit live and it the best song ever by insane clown posse
Avatar #6: watchwhereuwalk - added: 01/19/2004, 10:24 AM
shitty song to end a shitty album.... : /
Avatar #7: shraz - added: 01/26/2004, 10:52 PM
thank you violent J for a beautiful ending
Avatar #8: siMplEpLanswEEtiEnAThong - added: 02/05/2004, 09:18 PM
i think im one of the only chicks who like insane clown posse...? or at least post messages bout em....?
Avatar #9: Escape from Hellview - added: 02/10/2004, 08:10 PM
This song rules. A fucking juggalo favorite.
Avatar #10: Punch - added: 02/15/2004, 11:43 PM
man...this is powerful stuff
a great end to the journey ICP has taken us on over the last 10 years
violent j and shaggy 2 dope have affected so many lives its unbelieveable
juggalo for life
much clown love
Avatar #11: Dark_Lotus_Juggalo26 - added: 03/10/2004, 09:20 PM
hey watchwhereuwalk. Dont be hating man. We all know you like Feminem, Dr Gay, and Half Dollar. But dont be dissing ICP or their music. And Simple we NEED more Juggalettes like you hehe. Dark Lotus Family 4 Life.
Avatar #12: ICPandTwiztid4life - added: 03/25/2004, 05:56 PM
Avatar #13: juggalo1702 - added: 04/13/2004, 11:25 AM
This Song was a surprise to some but I saw it coming from a mile away...Anyone that listened to the intro from "Tales from the lotus pod" should have seen it coming!
Oh yeah and btw all of you sell outs are the reason why we pass the axe!
Avatar #14: dAjOsh42069 - added: 04/17/2004, 04:36 PM
Avatar #15: ticky ticky - added: 05/06/2004, 07:37 PM
hey i'm a chick and i post on a lot of this...icp rules all!!!! MMFCL and i love the way this album ended and can't wait to hear the next one.
Avatar #16: insanephyscochick666 - added: 05/07/2004, 11:12 AM
This is a FUCKING AWSOME SOMG!! It was different for ICP but hey they did it and I like it!
Avatar #17: bradz - added: 05/12/2004, 08:47 PM
Fuck yeah..i thought the song was pretty tight....Now i take teh axe and go to teh shed where i stay..i sharpen up the blade and kill all u haters....like whut...

Avatar #18: HatchetWarriorLette - added: 06/05/2004, 02:29 PM
dude, ICPandTwiztid4life your a damn fake ass JUFFALO! all the juggalos and lettes that stayed true after this song, are real. they looked for the hidden messages, they truley believed in ICP and every single word that came from their mouth. they my fam. they always will be. they arent fake. God aint fake ethier. hes real, hes what shangri-la is fuckin about man. i dont know about yall, but i wanna go. now. im just waitin till the pit drops. then we'll see whos a fake ass bitch or whos down for life. shit, you haters need to shut the fuck up. cause were gonna be laughin at your asses when yall find out the truth. mcl
Avatar #19: watchwhereuwalk - added: 06/15/2004, 06:35 PM
you juggalos are so fucking stuck up its funny, if you actually think about it... they talk about the DARK carnival, and the carnival is god... so they want all of you to go to the DARK god? makes alot of sense huh? get your head out of your ass and get into some real shit, i cant wait till you all wake up and realize how much these guys suck
Avatar #20: Deadwired2 - added: 08/15/2004, 07:38 PM
Ha ha. I wonder how many people actually knew that they're professing their Christianity in this song.
Avatar #21: Bill Dance - added: 08/15/2004, 08:22 PM
Hey retard, they say THE DARK CARNIVAL IS GOD. You are a fucking moron. I saw their christianity coming. If you actually have a brain, it wasn't all that shocking to see it coming. The way they "unveiled" themselfs in this song is awesome. This is definately one of the best ICP songs. I got chills the first time I heard this song.
Avatar #22: Jonny2x4pothead - added: 08/29/2004, 02:12 AM
Avatar #23: Carl Panzram7390 - added: 09/11/2004, 07:55 PM
Powerful track of ALL TIMES.Very touching and well done.Made alot of juggalos cry and it made me cry.The emotion is very unexplainable.WatchWhereuwalk...actually your not making any sense at all.Just shut up and stay away from ICP you cockchoking slimebucket.
Avatar #24: Tragedy In Flames - added: 09/21/2004, 05:48 PM
"The Dark Carnival is GOD and may all Juggalos find him!"
^that gives me chills everytime I hear it. . .
Avatar #25: Reg - added: 10/02/2004, 08:12 PM
Avatar #26: ICPandTwiztid4life - added: 10/22/2004, 06:39 AM
HatchetWarriorLette you little bitch DONT EVER CALL ME A JUFFALO you fuckin whore i been down since Great Milenko ima REAL Juggalo just because i dont like this ONE song by ICP or believe in its message dont mean ima juffalo u fuckin wanna be juggalette
Avatar #27: Carl Panzram7390 - added: 10/23/2004, 05:52 PM
ICPTwiztid4Life and HatchetWarriorLette both of you shut up.Hatchetwarrior,ICPTwiztid is a juggalo but he just doesnt like this song for whatever his reasons may be.And ICPTwiztid I really dont understand why and how the fuck you cant like this song,but its your opinion and I respect it.Just both of you cut it out and stop the bullshit.
Avatar #28: Carl Panzram7390 - added: 10/23/2004, 05:53 PM
And if you think God is real,thats your belief and I wont dwell on it,I dont believe that god is real though.
Avatar #29: Underground Authority - added: 10/31/2004, 05:05 AM
yea i agree wif Carl on the whole god thing, he doesnt exist...just like santa...but this song sux a lot of penis...mch like our buddy carl here
Avatar #30: Madrox - added: 11/11/2004, 03:12 AM
ICPandTwiztid4life = juffalo
Avatar #31: Big Shine - added: 11/26/2004, 07:03 AM
If anybody still readin diss, check it. This song is beautiful. I aint saying God gave it to 'em, but they certinly ain't against 'em, and thats a step closer than some. For all ya'll who say their is no God, check it. If your right, and there is no God, I would have spent my life trying to help people and better the lives of those I could. No one will be able to say nuthin against me when i'm gone. But, if i'm right, and there is a God, and you keep goin down the road your on, where ya think your gonna go? Why some people would trade a few 60 or 70 years here for an eternity at the Big Top is beyond me, i dont understand it anymore. Used to. Used to love living that shit. But ya know what Juggalos? All that hateful ass shit you've done can be wiped off yo slate in one moment. You just gotta surrender yo. Most people think of surrendering to the fact that they cant handle this life on their own as an act of weakness. But know that i have im stronger than ever. He died for ya yo.Peace.
Avatar #32: hatchetbitchjsc - added: 01/25/2005, 03:15 PM
yo, if you guys are gonna be fighting over who is and who isnt a juggalo, you BOTH should fuck off, i dont even BELIEVE that you guys CALL yourselves juggalos...were ALL FAM, and if you aint down, then keep your comments to yourself, or grow the fuck up! MCL to all the REAL lo's and lettes in here:) * this song IS beautiful*
Avatar #33: Corroded_Reality - added: 02/08/2005, 12:17 AM
Listen, NEVER I mean Never call anyone a Juffalo, first off if you do, that just shows you how shallow you are, secondly that is 'hateration non-sence'. Being a juffalo isn't measured by what you belive or what era you started to listen. I personaly think that people who listen to every word and has to obey it are the juffalos. Being a Juggalo is about being yourself and realising that you are different and you shouldn't give a flying fuck about what haters say. This song is one of the greatest songs I have heard they were really brave to revel the truth so bluntly to those who has not picked it up through the messages and lyrics but it is a good thing that the real juffalos stoped listing to them after this song.
The Dark Carnival is God!
Forever weilding the axe,
Avatar #34: ShredForDimebag - added: 04/10/2005, 02:08 PM
haha all of you need to pull your heads out of your asses and realise this is bullshit. i mean come on, they havent really all had some divine epiphany have they? they just realised that they needed a selling point, as sad as using a god that doesnt exist may be...
Avatar #35: DownWitDemWickedClownz - added: 04/12/2005, 09:35 PM
Madrox = Juffalo(juggaho) now that i got that outa my system i got ALOT 2 say
Avatar #36: DownWitDemWickedClownz - added: 04/12/2005, 09:41 PM
OK wow, i been down with ICP for a very long time at one point i did really believe there was a "Dark Carnival" place where once we all died we'd meet and go on to Shangri- La but after awhile i realized that just aint true...After i heard this song i knew it was gonna change the music from Psychopathic for ever, and sure as fuck it did not any music from Psychopathic has been the same since this CD. If yall wanna call me a "Juffalo" for not believeing in what I.C.P. does well thats your oponion but truth be told, i really dont give a fuck what you say, and that IS what being a Jugglao is all about not that you ONLY listen to Psychopathic or all you wear is Hatchet Gear Merch. or that you do what ever ICP does and believe what ever they do or hate who ever they hate, that makes you a juffalo. Even though i dont believe in God, dont make me an automattic "juffalo". I stand by ICP no matter what, if they was 2 go along with Satan i dont care im still down,unlike most
Avatar #37: DownWitDemWickedClownz - added: 04/12/2005, 09:47 PM
I'm down for life, not for the causes of ICP i really couldnt give a fuck less if they decided to worship dog shit and rap about that from now on, im in it for wellthe music. Who cares if they follow god? I dont because i didnt believe in god before i even heard of ICP and now 8 years later im still down with ICP and even though they follow God strongly, it dont change me 1 bit theygot their own views and i got mine, so basicly, i like ICP's music but just cuz ima Juggalo dont mean i got 2 mindlessly do what they say...MCL...Juggalo Down Til I Die...weather yall believe me or not ima Juggalo and there aint shit anything or anybody could do 2 change it(yes even if icp was 2 start akin country music, id still like their old shit haha) so PEACE MCL
Avatar #38: stee!!!@@& - added: 06/24/2005, 01:12 PM
Let me just say this, you all need to go to school. I mean your spelling is horrible. Second of all I love seeing these reviews. I get to see "juggalos" trying to be civil and smart. Get an education and grow up, all you 'juggalos" I respect ICP for telling the world they believe in the ONLY LIVING GOD. That took guts. I sitll won't buy their albums or anything. But I respect them and I plan on seeing them in heaven. I pray that all you people that don't believe in the ONE TRUE GOD may find him. He loves you and he's there with you as you read this. Jesus is the only road to salvation, and I hope you guys stop loving yourselves and start living through Jesus. I don't disrepsect "juggalos" I'm just saying they are dead without Jesus. I hope you people will at least give it a try. http://www.lifecur ch.tv go there and listen, I beg you just to listen to the truth, if you don't believe then so be it. But it's something everyone should at least know about.
Avatar #39: joebob - added: 06/25/2005, 02:43 AM
jesus christ..lets just all agree this song is great.....and stop writing things that would be better used as ALBUM REVIEWS
Avatar #40: Fall_Child1990 - added: 06/29/2005, 02:34 AM
I want proof before I ever start believing anything about Jesus. I'm becoming a pretty big ICP fan, and I respect them for this song, but even this will never change my belief without solid proof other than the bible.
Avatar #41: all_6_jokerz - added: 09/21/2005, 11:17 AM
iight my goddamn turn....anybody callin' whoever a juggaho is tha real bitch......i'm a FuCKIN JuGGaLo DowN Fa Life----i'll never stop swingin' that hatchet...all yall just listen up, it did take ICP guts to say that about god...that's what they're true 2....and i'm down 4 whatever...and tha real juggahos are tha ones who hate Feminem cuz they don't....i do hate feminem, dr.gay and half dollar YES, i have hated shit on tha radio since before i was even down with icp...i've been down since riddlebox, i was a damn 9 yr. old juggalo, but i'm just not in2 all that mainstream bling bling shit....but that's just me, i'm down wit da clown 'til i'm dead in tha fuckin' ground...Psychopathic Records is tha best thang out bitches, they are real to their TRUE fans and will never sell out.....and i'm down fa that shit...PeAcE -MMFWCLMF-
Avatar #42: Yawahete - added: 10/08/2005, 09:00 PM
well ya know this is was great while evil tried to pull souls by making everything in life thats fun is fuckin wrong. They just made 6 cds to try save a few souls. Not about that bullshit idol they call Jesus. All it is about is that feeling that burns in your body when you just let yourself loose to any music that reaches your soul. Its not hatred its the liberation. We were born free so live free. Don't let jack shit control you. oh yeh and FUCK MAJOR RELIGIONS MAKE YOUR OWN
Avatar #43: khaos_klown - added: 05/05/2006, 10:38 PM
U all dumb fuckers.....it doesn't matter who's been down longer 17,000 years of being a "fan" isn't shit if u've been a dead carni for 1 sec. I'm the real shit....I knew what they was trying to say from the beginning. U fuckers talkin i got alot of respect for them makeing this song and letting everyone know they believe in "GOD"... they've been saying it from day 1. It's like u fuckers don't listen to the damn lyrics of every fuckin song there is. Get a fuckin clue..this ain't no damn fan club
Avatar #44: NephophobicNikki - added: 09/06/2006, 05:46 PM
Ok, everyone needs to shut the fuck up about who is right or wrong about what they believe in. If you believe there is a God and all that fun stuff, good for you! but if you don't, you don't. So fucking what? Ever think about the possibility that no matter how many different types of gods and versions of heaven are out there that what you believe in is what is going to happen? If you believe there is nothing after death and you're just a body 6 fix under, then that's what it is. If you truely think there is a heaven and hell and you're going to one of them.. In the end, when you know where your going even if it isn't any one elses place, you're going there. Just shut the fuck up and let people think what they wish.. As long as you know your own beliefs, don't try to shove them on everyone else. Oh, and I could care less about being called a juggalette.. I'm in it for the music. One last thing, I know my spelling and grammar isn't perfect.. as least I'm not TyPiNg LyKe A fUcKiNg ReTaRd!
Avatar #45: Defilar - added: 12/31/2006, 09:28 AM
What other proof would you require Fall? What else is there and more importaintly, why not give it a shot, it's not as if you will lose anything.
Jokerz, man you said it, Jokerz > Feminem.
Avatar #46: Nova-Osiris - added: 07/19/2007, 04:06 AM
Just about every artist on Psychopathic Records have a song talking about their belief in a higher power.
You guys are fighting over who's a Juggalo and who's not a Juggalo.. as Violent J says.. Juggalos are different from everybody. They do their own thing, they can be a Prep.. a Thug, a bully on the playground... a Preacher.. or a non-believer. Juggalos are everywhere, shit even people who don't claim to be Juggalos can be a Juggalo.
It doesn't matter whether you swing your hatchet and it doesn't matter if your butt fucking Eminem.
You people get so uptight over this shit.. do you think 2 Dope of Violent J would fight over who's been down longer?

To those who agree.. good.
To those who don't... I don't give a fuck, but fighting over belief in God if rediculous.

In Thy Unveiling... it says, "Juggalos find him" meaning people who didn't know God before the song were still considered Juggalos. What makes them not now?

Avatar #47: Vita Letum - added: 02/01/2008, 07:14 AM
Nova-Osiris, great fucking point right there. What's the point in all this fighting?

Anyway...Yeah..Great song. This song really means a lot too me. A GREAT end to a GREAT story.
Avatar #48: Crackah - added: 07/17/2010, 12:35 AM
i actuly dont like this song ae i love the lyrics mean and all itss just kinda anoying to lisen to ae
dont change the fact that i love i c p and god much clown love
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