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Lana Del Rey

Albums: (13) Songs: (137) Images: (4) Videos: (9) Song Covers: (3) Fans: (4)
Artist Styles: Sadcore - Chamber Pop - Adult Alternative Pop / Rock
Most Popular Songs
dot Born To Die
dot Cola
dot Gods & Monsters
dot Gods & Monsters
dot Body Electric
dot Blue Velvet
dot Body Electric
dot Bel Air
dot Shades Of Cool
dot Body Electric
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Avatar #1: Danzors - Posted: 08/06/2014, 03:29 AM
I literally don't even
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Lana Del Rey
Artist ID: 8361
Song Comments: 0
Ranked: #1,209
Artist Locale:
US USA - New York
Most Popular in:
SE Sweden
Total Page Views: 11,143
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User Lists
dot Bråvalla Festival 2014
dot Seen Live (I Swear, I Was There)
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