Home she is benediction she is addicted to thee she is the root connection she is connecting with he here I go and I don't know why I fell so ceaselessly could it be he's taking over me... I'm dancing barefoot heading for a spin... Patti Smith - Dancing Barefoot Home
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We here at MMMDI hate spam as much as you do. Our privacy statement is as follows:

1) Users may register on the site to receive extra benefits, however, this is not a requirement for the core features of the site. If you choose to register an account, all information is optional except for your email address. We do require a valid email address to be presented in order to verify your account. We will never sell / rent / lease / trade your email address with any outside company or persons.

2) We may contact you at this email for a few reasons:
 A: From time to time, we clean up our user database to remove unused accounts. During this time, we send out a short reminder email asking if you'd like to keep your account if you haven't logged into the site for three months or more.
 B: If you decide to submit a CD review, you will receive an automated message telling you if your submitted review was accepted into the database or denied.

Otherwise, we will not email you or send you any type of messages that you did not request. In your profile, a contact box will be displayed for other site users where they may email you if they wish. During this time, your email address will not be displayed to the user; they will only know your email address if you choose to reply to them.

3) We have numerous types of password and encryption techniques in place to protect your data. While no system is one hundred percent safe, we strive to keep your information as secure as possible.

4) We do use cookies on the site to provide a better site experience. If you choose to register and use the "Never Log Out" feature, a cookie will be set on your computer that automatically logs you in upon your viewing of the site. No personal information about you or your computer will be stored in a cookie and / or sent back to us for any reason other than the purpose of staying logged into the site.

5) We feature three types of advertising on MMMDI. One is banner advertising on the front page, which is a simple image with a link attached to it. This advertiser does no type of tracking or cookie setting on your computer. Another type of advertising that we accept is Google AdSense. Google sets a cookie on your computer that lasts for thirty days if you click on a Google advertisement located on this site. These cookies are used to keep track of which ads you have viewed on this site, and to rotate them accordingly. Please read Google's Privacy Policy for further information about their cookie usage. Disabling any or all of these cookies will have no negative effect on your browsing experience.

6) Due to the adult nature of some of the lyrics and / or album covers, we ask that you receive your parents permission before registering if you are under the age of eighteen. We do not strictly enforce this; however, this is our suggestion to our site viewers.
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