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Reviewer Rating: 3/10
Review by: Lucid Dreams
Added on: September 29, 2009
Luke Kenny - Vocals/Samples/Drum Programming
Ed Lacey - Guitar/Bass
Jay - Guitar/Bass
Sam Bean - Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Toby - Additional vocals

The Berzerker is a band that is from Melbourne Australia and was created by its founding member Luke Kenny. Luke who had once been a drummer himself was in an accident that forced him to leave his other band to start a career by himself. He later would recruit other members and do vocals for the group and using a drum machine in the background. Berzerker would be their first attempt on an album and it received some praise by underground bands at the time.

They are a band influenced by many grindcore, death metal and speed metal bands from back in the early 90's. They have a few good songs that I can justify as music such as; Reality, Forever and Cannibal Rights, which are also the most popular. They have speed driven guitars and a drum machine in the back breaking the sound barrier while the singer is growling his guts out. So many people believe that it is a real drummer, but it is not, it's just Luke using a program. The drums fit the music alright, but it gets extremely annoying after awhile and it can give you a headache. The songs are very short which may be a good thing, with some songs, since they are just noise. For example, the last two tracks 95 and Ode To Nash shouldn't even be on here, it's just random noises and that's all. I can understand them making a track like this , just for the sake of being different I guess, but to have two of them back to back is just stupid. February may be their only real impressive song, it slows down more and has a violin in the back ground.

Like most death metal bands the singer is growling about the destruction of the Earth. They also have a man in the background talking in a regular tone like he is doing a documentary on the violent acts that the singer is screaming about. If you don't like growling then you won't be into this band at all. If you are these guys actually do an alright job of it.

Overall: They have a few songs that are really good, but a huge majority of the album is just noise and an annoying drum machine in the background. If this is your first listen to the band I would venture more towards their second album because the songs have a better musical structure.

Favorite Tracks:
Cannibal Rights
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