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Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses
Reviewer Rating: 7/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: December 09, 2016
This has been a long time coming. For upwards of 10 years I've only ever listened to 4 songs from this album and it was about time I gave the whole thing a chance.

Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses is the 3rd album from the Iowa based 9 piece band known as Slipknot. What makes this album stand out from the rest is that this was front man Corey Taylor's first album after his side project, Stone Sour. Glaringly obvious throughout this album are the influences and inspirations taken away from that project and injected the other 8 members behind him. In are cleaner vocals and new instruments to the band in violins and pianos, out is all the pint up rage and blistering anger. Out are the existential insults to some random person's existence, in is a very different more better written lyrical content.

First off, the stand-outs in the band for this album:

Corey Taylor (vocals) - He utilizes a very wide range of talent here. Anything ranging from visceral screams, to satisfying clean vocals. The way he goes from 1 to another is astounding and he is the sole reason I gave this album a chance

Mick Thompson and Jim Root (Guitars) - The tone of the instruments here sound very different and, while not the most technical or original, definitely a highlight on this record. Before I Forget being one of the best examples.

Joey Jordison (Drums) - The absolute best Jordison has ever sounded on drums. In fact, besides Taylor's vocals, I'd say Jordison's drumming here is astonishing and absolutely masterful on some tracks.

Everyone else is just kind of.. There.

The (4) songs I mentioned earlier that I've only ever listened to on this album are as follows: Duality, Vermillion, Vermillion 2, and Before I forget.

The (2) Vermillion songs are actually my 2 favorite tracks from this album. One is hard and heavy with more sinister lyrics, the other is more soft and clean with deeper lyrics. One is sad and the other is angry. One sounds like a Slipknot song and the other a Stone Sour. It's a brilliant dynamic ad I'll give them credit here for succeeding. Vermillion part 2 also introduces a first to Slipknot - Violins

Duality is not bad, albeit a little overdone these days, but not bad. I enjoy this song but other than the music and lyrics everything else falls flat.

Before I Forget is by far and away the best track on this album. Between Jordison and Thompson stepping up their game musically, Taylor delivering vocally I just can't recommend this song enough. The slow, melodic bridge at the end is the best part and really blends Taylor's clean singing with the full sound of Slipknot.

Now for the tracks that I really enjoy now after listening to it:

Prelude 3 - A bit slow and takes a while to start, but it's really relaxing and pretty good to listen to.

Circle starts off a bit odd and ends a bit odd but Taylor's clean singing in this song is astounding

Danger is another clean song that's well sung and has some pretty down tempo drumming with a great piano track in the background

If you can't tell by now I really enjoy the singles and clean songs from this album.

Everything else ranges from decent to good, never really getting out of first gear. They're all somewhat forgettable but still really good to listen to when you're not in a mood to analyze music.

Songs like Three Nil, Opium, Maggots, and Nameless are really good but they do nothing to stand out. Hence the 7/10 score.

After listening to the album I find myself really only listening to the original (4) and adding Prelude, Circle, and Danger to the mix. Everything else I'll listen to when I'm in the mood but it's nothing I'll go out of my way to listen to. 7 great tracks, 7 tracks that are still worth listening to give this album an overall score of 70% in my opinion
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