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The Real Slim Shady
Reviewer Rating: 7/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: June 14, 2017
This is the promotional single featuring the #1 smash hit from the white hot Eminem. What we have here is a lead single that was not only an accessible follow up and introduction to the MMLP but was the answer to studio executives pressuring Eminem to release something similar to My Name Is.

Here we have "Real Slim Shady" which is a catchy song that throws shade to the pop culture icons of the year 2000 like Will Smith, Christina and the Boy Bands. Included with this promotional disc is the uncensored version and the instrumental version. I'll admit as a 12 year old I loved this song and I still enjoy it to this day, but I find myself skipping in when listening to the MMLP. The instrumental is very repetitive for the first 3 minutes or so but does get good in it's closing minute. Honestly should've been trimmed for this release.

The real gems here though are Bad Influence which was featured on the End of Days movie soundtrack, and the "Pizza Mix" of My Fault which was featured on MTV's Celebrity Death Match but was also meant to be a radio edit for his next single back in 1999. Bad Influence is every bit of what made Em good in 1999 and the Pizza Mix is just as funny, if not funnier than the original. It's changed enough to almost feel like an entirely different song.

MY only real complaints here are that we didn't get an a capella version of Real Slim Shady or a radio edit but that's just nitpicking. Honestly it's worth seeking this single out simply for the 2 extra songs.
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