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Reviewer Rating: 9/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: June 14, 2017
Stan was Eminem's 3rd single from his wildy successful MMLP and it really shined a new light on song writing abilities at the time. At the time of me writing this the word "Stan" has actually been added to the Webster's dictionary meaning "Stalker Fan" and that's essentially what this song is all about. A fan who blurs the line between reality and Eminem's fictional stage persona, "Slim."

At 6 minutes you really get into this story of an obsessive fan that slowly loses his mind in 3 verses only to succumb to his demons taking him over and him killing himself and his pregnant wife. This song features so much passion, emotion and soul that it's no wonder that 17 years later people still admire it. Dido is featured in the background with a smooth bass line and rain sound effects which give this track so much depth.

You also get the radio version of Guilty conscience (or depending on which version you get a slightly altered version of My Name Is) and 2 extra tracks.

I'm a fan of A Capella tracks and Em is one of my favorites to listen to void of instrumentals. Hazardous Youth is about 45 seconds and I wish it was longer but it sounds good.

Get You Mad is a scathing rap about other rappers and labels and it is a no holds barred tune with Eminem being outrageous and over the top. Also a slightly funny ICP diss thrown in since this was during their feud.

I'm glad I found this since Stan is such an amazing song, but I also get to hear 2 hidden gems that I never heard before which makes this CD worth owning.
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