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Devil Without A Cause
Reviewer Rating: 8/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: July 03, 2017
Kid Rock seems to be a controversial artist whether it's with music fans, or critics of his lyrics in general. Devil Without a Cause was his big break into the mainstream after putting out a few commercial duds and he was claiming to already be a platinum success, despite his producers strongly urging him to change the lyrics since he was unproven at the time.

This is a good example of controversy in the music industry since he was asked to change his lyrics, but refused to do so. He split critics with some saying this album was great and some not buying into the hype. His lyrical content and strong explicit subject matter was also the target from angry parents and religious types. It also helped that he had a picture of his middle finger right on the disc.

Kid Rock rolled into town like an unhinged 18-wheeler with a bomb strapped to it and immediately garnered success. The Detroit scene was white hot with acts like ICP, Kid Rock and an up and coming Eminem making waves across all media (the white hot thing was an unintentional pun).

This was also the last effort to be purely hip-hop and hard rock before adding some serious country rock to his sound, so this album also stands out as a red thumb. Fans were drawn in with the heavy riffs of Bawitdaba and Fist of Rage, but the mainstream was also digging the sounds of a more southern influenced Cowboy and Only God Knows Why. The hip hop fan in me was drawn to the title track and Bullgod which were massive hits in my opinion.

This was the first explicit album I ever bought and I was obsessed although now I'm looking back wondering why I quit listening to it. It holds up nicely for a fan of Eminem's SSLP, and ICP's Milenko. Just imagine is Bob Seger released a rap album and you get this.

Other than the singles you get some actual good rap here and there with Welcome 2 the Party and Fuck Off, which was also my introduction to Eminem that I completely forgot about. It's too bad he went away from this but also music evolves as do artists so I won't begrudge him for changing his sound and going back to his roots. Another thing I like is all the sampling he does but that's me speaking as an old school hip hop fan. He gets flack for that, but it's common with most rap artists.

The only drawback to this album was the filler tracks that aren't good at all. Rovin' Gangster, I got one for you, Somebody's gotta feel this and Where you at Rock are just weak and really keep this album from at least getting a solid 9/10.

I really do love Cowboy, Devil Without a Cause, Bullgod, Fist of Rage, Fuck off and the last track which is a good, long introspective look at some of his past experiences.

I don't regret going back and listening to this album at all.
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