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Labor Days
Reviewer Rating: 10/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: July 17, 2017
Aesop Rock is one of the most intricate lyricists of all time and the fact that he paints a picture with such a vivid imagination and spews it out into some of the most delicately written rap songs of all time. It's like if Shakespeare and Ghostface Killah had a baby and gave birth to one of the best storytellers and engaging most relateable artists to ever pick up a mic and speak it into existence.

This was the album where it all started for me and I feel like some of the songs were speaking so much wisdom into my brain and it was like listening to a muse tell such a riveting story that I needed to hear the end of it. The concept of this album is modern wage slavery and it's gotten across using imaginative symbology and sometimes just straight forward story telling.

It goes without saying that you also get the typical "Boom Bap" beats which fit everything perfectly like a lock and key. His voice is actually enjoyable and resonates with the flow so well.

Labor is the title track and is one I'd suggest anyone interested in checking him out listen to. It's such a brilliant mixture of excellent song writing ability and production with a good use of bass and vocalization that you can't help but get hooked.

Tracks like No Regrets tell such an amazing story using pseudonyms and pseudo-situations that you can either relate to or just simply draw interest from.

Daylight I'd say is my 2nd favorite track that just resonates with us modern wage slaves so well. It talks about being a spoke on a wheel that helps run the machine but makes you feel insignificant at the same time.

This album is also filled to the brim with excellent hip hop and boom bap beats for any rap fan to get behind and nod their head. Tracks like One Brick, Coma, and Boombox fit this bill perfectly.

Anyone who has a job can relate to 9-5ers anthem. Speaks wisdom and puts our own thoughts into words and says it better than we ever could. It's not rap, this is poetry with beats.

I'm glad I gave this artist a chance after listening to his track "Labor" in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 because it allowed me to interpret songs better and actually listen to what they're trying to say or at least take away my own meaning. Solid 10/10 album and check out Labor, Daylight, and 9-5ers anthem to get a feel.
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