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Reviewer Rating: 3/10
Review by: Rest Easy Soul
Added on: January 29, 2018
The length between Eminem's 2004 release (Encore) and his 2009 release (Relapse) was approximately 5 years. The quality of music he was putting out in between though was still good. Re-up mixtape was decent, his features with Akon, BOB, and a few others were very enjoyable. Somewhere between all of this he got sober and his entire style changed. He wasn't angry anymore and wasn't hungry, but rather just doing it for the sport.

This became apparent on his album Recovery (2010) when he adapted a choppy flow, yelling his raps, and a somewhat clumsy rhyme scheme that was less brilliant and more just for the sake of rhyming. You would think though that with his 2013 release where he returned to form and had a feature with Kendrick Lamar that the follow up album would be good, if not better right? Wrong

You knew after his BET freestyle and obvious outspoken disdain for the current US president, Trump, we were getting a politically charged ablum

The length between MMLP2 and Revival was not quite as long as his last break, but he was putting out a lot more in between like Shady XV and a soundtrack. These were overall lacking in quality truth be told.

The First track released was Walk on Water Ft. Beyonce which was a balad type and unusual for his first single considering songs like My Name Is, Real Slim Shady and even Berzerk which all featured a very irreverent, albeit old school hip hop feel. This song talks about the fans criticizing him, as well as himself, and overall it's just lame. Typical poppy Eminem. Ends abruplty with him reminding us he wrote Stan. Yeah thanks for reminding us how good you were.

We got Untouchable next which wasn't bad at all. It focuses on current racial tensions in the US and calls out bad cops while sampling a Cheech song pretty well. The message wasn't bad and the song overall was decent.

That was it as far as singles before release. Very polarizing but I had hope. The ablum dropped and I bought it and was filled with anticipation and then sudden deflation. We had seen the track listing early on and it was disappointing almost immediately when you see names like Alicia Keys and Pink but no Kendrick, no Royce, no D12, no Dre, no 50 Cent.. Only 1 rapper

Believe at least had a good beat and some good rhymes but hole shit is it annoying during the chorus. His voice is just so grating. Chloraseptic features the only rapper on the entire album in Phresher and he attempts to do trap style rap that is currently popular and it's not good. Beat is okay but dear lord is this song just annoying after a while. Eminem is better than all these trap rappers out today so why is he adapting their style?

Up next is River with Ed Sheeran. You know what? It's catchy despite the subject matter being forced topics like abortion and relationships gone bad, but it's catchy. Remind ME is more introspective and the same thing we hear on every album about his past.

Then we get to the gauntlet of bad songs and awful features. Like Home is one I couldn't even finish because it was too political and pro-America at the same time. Bad Husband is kind of like River but pass on the awful features. Tragic Endings at least has a good chorus with Skylar sounding good but it's so forgettable that I don't even remember what it was about and I've listened to it multiple times.

Framed is a nice change in pace. Return to the Relapse days with the non-choppy vocals and the graphic violence. This one is worth listening to if you can get past the annoying chorus.

Skip Nowhere Fast and Heat because I don't even remember.

Offended is just a joke. It's an attempt at being edgy but it comes off forced, and it's riddled with low brow humor. terrible beat also.

Need Me, In Your Head, Castle, and Arose tell a unique story but that's the most interesting thing about it. It goes on about him getting discovered, and looks at what would happen if he didn't. IT looks at what if he never quit drugs or actually died from his OD. You know what? He's told this story much better before in tracks like Legacy and Beautiful and I don't care to hear the same thing again just with a different beat.

This whole album was awful and a chore to listen to. By far his worst. I'd rather listen to the joke tracks on Encore for an hour than this album. It's perfectly fitting that this album ended with a toilet flushing.
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